What Trash Bags and DCF Foster Children Have in Common

What Trash Bags and DCF Foster Children Have in Common

DCF Foster Children

Thanks for joining me here today. My name is Kevin Seaver I am a trusted lawyer since 1991. Recognized expert, Successfully Specializing in Fighting the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF, throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Whether you are in court or out of court . I turn DCF negatives into positives.

I have some trash bags on my desk here today. I am going to start off with black one, because people who have trash, they don’t want you to see what they have for trash. Throwing out garbage, the neighbors can’t see it. You put it in a black trash bag. Right!

Trash bags come in all types of colors. I have got one here that is blue. This light blue one is recyclable. Then next to that one I have got the clear one. Don’t mind people knowing what your business is when throwing out your trash Use a clear one. You can see right through it. Right through it, wonderful. The most popular one of all is the white because it can go anywhere, kitchen, bathroom, living room, anywhere you want.

This has drawstrings on it. Where you can lock up the bag and throw out your trash without worrying about it falling out of the bag. And also there are types you can tie from the ends and put out on the curb or you got twists. Some of these bags like this one here MMMM smells pretty good. Scented! There are all types of scents you can get. Terrific stuff , huh? You also can get bags like this one over here the black one that is unscented. So if you don’t like scented. Trash bags come in all types of sizes, shapes and colors. Including Red and green, Yellow, orange pink. You name the color They make the bag. The size, color, with all types of drawstrings, twists, as well as tying them up on your own.

Now you and I put trash in trash bags to throw out our garbage. Things we don’t want. Disposable things we want to get rid of, but there is another segment of society.

The segment of society where there are thousands of people that use these trash bags for something different than what you and I use. They use them as luggage. They carry things that they don’t want to dispose of. Their valuables. These individuals fly under the radar. Nobody talks about them. Nobody wants to know who they are. It is almost a stigma like they are embarrassed. The name of these people?

They are called foster children.

These foster children use these trash bags as their luggage. If you are a parent, grandparent, a family member, a neighbor, friend and you’ve got a child in foster care, do everything in your powers to get that child out of foster care.

No one takes better care of their own, than their own! Call me, Call Kevin Seaver , call me now at 617 263 2633. Again, Call me , call now attorney Kevin Seaver, 617 263 2633 . I will help you Thank you

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    Kelly Anne Sanchez says:

    This honestly made me tear up. SO TRUE. I am 28 and when I was in foster care since 2-16yrs, I always remembered using a black trash bag.

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