Organization Supports State Bill to Remove Child Protection Services

Organization Supports State Bill to Remove Child Protection Services

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG) – A bill in the state legislature would eliminate Child Protection Services. Instead, it calls for a new organization that would be independent of the Department of Human Services, called the Department of Family Stabilization and Preservation.

A report on Monday detailed a DHS investigation into the death of Natalie Finn, a 16-year-old girl from West Des Moines who died from starvation in 2016. The report said people called into Iowa’s Child Abuse hotline concerned about the girl and her siblings 14 times, starting in 2005.

Members of the Families United Action Network say the new organization is needed to provide more oversight of DHS. That network has been working to get this bill passed for five years.

“It makes sure that resources that are dedicated to preserving and stabilizing families are used efficiently, effectively, and more appropriately,” said Toya Johnson, Families United Action Network executive director.

Johnson says a new agency would have proper accountability if it’s separated. It would not be a privatization, though.


28 thoughts on “Organization Supports State Bill to Remove Child Protection Services

  1. Laura Mastro says:

    Atty.Seaver,I am very appreciative for your informative & insightful videos on Youtube. I had a quick question,I was naive & uneducated about how ruthless DCF is , because I trusted the system and my poor daughter has suffered greatly. I now know my experience is extremely common. Why can’t all of us parents who have been victimized and our children traumatized for life by a corrupt system; Could us Parents band together and take DCF to court ? Not only in hopes of changing the system, but for the horrible, unthinkable things that happen to our beloved children in their abusive care ? I really can’t believe the horrors that an Agency meant to protect children & families actually inflicts on good loving families everyday,and with no consequence. Thank you for fighting the good fight !!
    Sincerely, Laura M.

      • Noelle says:

        I agree! They don’t protect children at all and I have first hand experience. They need a lawsuit against them and a new system in place to save children!

    • Jen says:

      Really hope this goes world wide shut down every cps/ dhhs children trafficking they took mine for me being a victim of domestic violence and my ex was a unhealthy person around and pushing for terminate on my youngest my oldest i signed off on as they was going to terminate anyeay and was promised by clare county if i released i could get my daughyer home and then they lied and are pushing for terminate my prental rights on her and gave my sons to the perpetrator who is on probation for child abuse and neglect in the 2 nd and 3rd degree attempt …bit won tlet me have my children all 5

      • Marvella Amber Lindsey says:

        They are trying to take my Son and he is non verbal and autistic he was removed for Domestic Violence a year ago my husband/Abuser died in July I’m still fighting to get my son back now they want to terminate my rights

  2. Casey Prevost says:

    You are so right. Wow these people need to vet shutdown asap. Its a shame how many families and babiea got torn apart. Is there a chance to get our children and grandchildrwn back? They were never in imedient danger. Houma LA is so corrupt and i know its nationwide. .my grandson sont eben know me but i never quit fighting for him to return home. Hes adopted but i dont care. We miss our baby boy my dad and his cousind been waiting for three years now to meet him. Bless all of you for this bill

  3. Tracey cook-cumberland says:

    wow you guys in the states are working really hard to stop this abhorrent injustice by child protection,lets hope it will destabilize worldwide and Australia can follow suit….cheers for all your hard work….

    • Raven Sanders says:

      We need help here in MS a child was murdered in CPS custody it’s been said in law under MS that they have not abide by the rules and even though they assume the parents done something we would never harm our children but leaving then with people that do t love them and want to hurt the parents cause more harm than anything I fault for 3 years and lost it’s sad and I had a lawyer

  4. John Abril says:

    I hate to sound crazy but all these organizations start off with good intentions and they get infiltrated by dark Evil people.

  5. Desiree Buck says:

    Hello my name is desiree buck and i would like to share my story about DCFS discrimination against me 01/16/2020 when the discrimination started when 3 days after i gave birth to my daughter 01/12/2020when i had her. I didn’t get to take her home they came and ask if i wanted to do services and i told them no thank you i don’t need them later on the week DCFS boss called my husband phone matt saying we couldn’t bring our daughter home our daughter had to stay my aunt’s had to call up their and ask why she can’t take her home they told her both parents are not mentality capable of taking care of our daughter. I do have
    A hearing problem and my husband do have mild autism asperger we had to do services with them to have my daughter back but i had to do a safety plan where they placed my daughter in my husband family care i don’t trust them i never met them and husband told they disowned him and they are really disrespectful to me i don’t them around my daughter DCFS never once called my family to have them put in one my family members they said i never gave them numbers when i did they just never called and i know all my family phone can receive calls they just never called them no missed calls no voice mail no text messages i keep on asking my family kept say no calls i did what they ask I’m in their programs On April 6 2020 i got a letter in the mail say they have found evidence of abuse and neglect from me and my husband solely by our disability they said it in their own words [The parents have delays that impact their parenting. There have been concerns about their ability to meet minimal parenting standards] for just our disability that’s against the federal and state law ADA ACT prohibits discrimination against race,sex,disability,color,religion they violating our civil rights they doing this investigation illegally this is happening in Danville IL United States

    • Misty says:

      Call Disability Rights Iowa. They can connect you with your states Disability Rights. You are protected from discrimination through the person’s with disabilities act. Just Google disability rights and they should be able to direct you to the right people


    Yeah let’s just forget about Sabrina Ray molested starved beaten left for dead in a basement with other children these murders were six months apart in the same state both involved Black Market adoptions never trust any of these government agency they’re all out to scam the Sabrina Ray case is worse than Natalie fins the torture sexual abuse molestation rape feedings isolation fascinating how they conveniently did not mention that case from the same state dying of starvation 6 months apart

  7. BeKura W. Shabazz says:

    I made a post just yesterday about suing the US Govt for not protecting us from rouge DCS and their hospitals and the police that aid them in their kidnapping schemes. This measure should be private more of the state means more of the same.

  8. Lowell Finch says:

    CPS is a big problem throughout this Country. But CPS ain’t the only issue it’s the courts as well for they go off what cps says and not any evidence. This is SUPPOSED to be a land of Liberty and Justice yet these judges stand in treason for profit.

  9. Monica M. Griego says:

    I was a foster child with my two brothers in 1992 when CPS first began or roughly around that time. My mom fought back for us, but now my two brothers are in prison and I am dealing with cps cycle with my own children,do you see how they set up families to continue in the cycle of cps? I agree with this and I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico. you may contact me by email at [email protected] or via my site on Facebook Statutes of US For Families Fighting CPS,

  10. Patrick Smith says:

    Anyone know that the federal government supplements CPS { amount may not be correct at this time) like 3 to 4 thousand a month per child they have in there custody and not one dime goes to the children

  11. Angela M Mcburney says:

    I agree as someone who has 3 minors left at home and babysit my grandchildren I’m going threw a nightmare in Humboldt iowa with a school resources officer and dhs when the school resources officer can make false report and statements to have u investigated the worker says its unfounded but when report comes in mail it says founded you ask why and she says it’s her supervisor who says you ask him and he says well the report falls on a line of the sec code and I fig to make it founded and get you services and china the child but we encourage you to appeal all this oh beat me I will but why dont they get in trouble off this and investigated my butt no one was not a pediatrician or mental health dr or the kid who was here helping laying the new flooring and now what a team meeting Morales a joke it parents be denied anything for there kids no court date yet on china

  12. Angi Replogle says:

    [email protected] Angi Replogle my daughter was showing major signs of sexual abuse so I removed her and I from where we were living. Shes 12, it was a relatives home where we were staying at. The relative called dhs made a completely bogus report and then got the worker to lie to get a emergyncy ex parte order, gaining full isolated access to her. They have not let me see nor speak to her, have not let me know about appointments and her school conferences, even have do e so much as to lie to her about me and told her things that shouldnt have been shown or told to her about her father and her family. They ignored our religious beliefs and are trying to terminate my rights. The worker never reported the reason for us leaving being sexual abuse, never listened to me at all even after seeing the photo of an anal plug and sexual drawings my child was doing he never reported it. Hes a mandatory reported. He told the police not to listen to me before they got a chance to interview me about it. Please help. Ive saved all conversations and emails and court documents.

    • Mark jones says:

      In the middle of a case now where I have evidence of them breaking the law that will help please contact me we have court next month we are ninth month and this has been going on for 8 years trying to keep my kids remove them on no grounds

      • Ashley Ruring says:

        I would love to know the outcome of this case. The DHS Iowa has wrecked my boys and I relationship. Placing them with my ex who has been founded for child abuse and dangerous substances. Criminally charged with intimidation of a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and domestic assault against me. The judge in our child custody and visitation case was even boggled when he heard that the kids were placed with him
        All over smoking some pot. No one talks about what he’s done.

  13. Jesa says:

    I am desperately trying to figure out who can help to my case around. My current lawyer and all my providers were shocked how this turned out. They terminated my rights to my one year old and the diatrict court disnt even address notions on reasonable efforts during a 3 day combined perm and tpr. They say I didnt address mental health when there are multiple referral and progress letter updates on file and they say that my sobriety is unbelievable and cant overcome it if I am still holdi g my ground that I wasnt using when we had the aweat patch tests. I even got a court order to do multiple forms of testing at same tine and all urine and oral always came back clean but sweat patch wouldnt. We had expert testify but they didnt care . they then tried to use my trauma against me from things like my recent kidnapping and my aging out of foster care . supreme court denied my further review . I want to take this to federal there is no way I’m giving up on my baby after all that ive been put through during the last year and during a global pandemic at that .

    • Tanya says:

      I font know if i read part of your story right did you say you were wearing a patch and it came up dirty but the rest of your tests came back clean? Well that hsppened to me in divorce court we had to wear patch mine came up dirty for cocaine i never did cocaine s day in my life. Long story short it came from my fiancee semen urine hair saliva did not detect it but the patch did.

  14. Ashley Ruring says:

    I’m on board. She has literally turned my kids against me. They placed the boys with their abusive father and gave him the chance to manipulate them into believing in the bad guy. He was criminally charged for intimidation of a dealt weapon and domestic assault along with false imprisonment but they think the children are safer with him? How the he’ll is that??

  15. Melanie reeves says:

    Scariest moment was having my daughter removed from my home based on false accusations by a man that raped an beat my daughter an herasses us daily. He called cps on retaliation basis. I’ve raised my granddaughter two years an she’s never been away from me ever. I took their hair follicle test came back negative, but they made a excuse they had accusation I used recently. Smh every excuse they could use to get her removed from my home . Court was Friday an I can’t believe the lies that the cps worker came up with an how she treated my daughter 😭 she laughed at my daughter after losing in court. They put my granddaughter in hands of a woman who lost all four of her kids an major health issues. My daughter requested she go to her brother or grandmother but they needed to do a background check. That’s bull crap cause the lady who has her now there was no check. The cps worker said I tampered my hair an it was darker it’s been the same color for years with tons of greys. They ripped my granddaughter out of my daughters arms. I want justice grandparents don’t have rights 😭 my granddaughter isn’t eating sleeping crying scared an confused. I need her back home. I’m asking anyone who has resources or lawyers that will work w me.

  16. Melanie reeves says:

    I need help , the cps worker for one has told many lies the accusations were made by a man that’s been stalking an had hurt my daughter. I have proof he called with false accusations. They removed my granddaughter 😭 I want to pursue a lawsuit for the pain an suffering of what our family is going through. We should be protected from this man causing these issues . I can’t believe all the lies the cps worker has said. They treated my daughter like a disease an made her feel she had no rights. They ripped my granddaughter out of her mother’s arm . I’m not ok with this something needs to be done. I can’t eat I can’t sleep 😭 I’ve been trying to search resources or anything I can do to fix this

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