Don’t make the following mistakes when fighting DCF

Don't make the following mistakes when fighting DCF

Mistakes when fighting DCF

Hello, Thanks for joining me. My name is Kevin Seaver. I’m a trusted lawyer since 1991 recognized expert successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I turn DCF negatives into positive outcomes for my clients in and out of court.

I recently got a phone call from a woman who had been to trial for 13 days, this sad story hopefully will have a happy outcome if she appeals her decision to have her rights terminated as a parent and her first mistake was going to trial to begin with.

The best trials are the ones that don’t happen.

In this case, her lawyer according to my client before the trial even began called her, in quotations, “an alcoholic”, end of quotations.

Now let’s stop right there. Your lawyer should not judge you but rather advocate for you. If your lawyer doesn’t believe then you cannot achieve. She lost before she even began. Cause ff you believe you’ve lost, you have. If the lawyer doesn’t not believe in you, everything that she does in the courtroom on your behalf will send a message to your audience which is your judge that he/she does not believe in you as the client. If your lawyer does not believe in you, how can you expect the judge, DCF, the child’s attorney or anyone else in that courtroom or courthouse to believe in you either? They won’t.

You need to make sure your counsel to believe that you can achieve, or you will not be successful in your DCF matter. You also have to understand, you don’t win at trial. Successful lawyers don’t go to trial, they win the trial long before the courtroom doors by working diligently, tirelessly, and relentlessly for you as a client.

The second critical mistake is that this woman made which is not her fault was that she did not have an interpreter. English is not her primary language. She sat there for thirteen days and did not understand the proceedings. Because it was spoken in English which is not her first language. And she was very hampered by the fact that she did not understand what was being transpired in the courtroom, she later told me and that’s sad. Because to have a fair trial, a judge trial where the truth comes out, you have to be able to communicate with all your lawyers but also with the court, the judge, DCF attorney, the child Attorney.

But that, did not happen. I want to appeal but the moral of the story is, if you have a lawyer that does not believe in you, then you need to change lawyers.

Call me when you are involved with DCF. Call me before you have an outrageous result like this one. Call me now at 617-263-2633. You got to believe to achieve. I believe in my clients, I believe I can achieve for my clients. Call me now at Attorney Kevin Seaver at 617- 263-2633. I will fight for you against DCF. Thank you.

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