How To Avoid Making A Huge Mistake In Selecting Your Lawyer To Fight DCF

How To Avoid Making A Huge Mistake In Selecting Your Lawyer To Fight DCF

Selecting Your Lawyer To Fight DCF

Hello and thank you for joining me. My name is Kevin Seaver . I am a trusted lawyer since 1991. Recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families. More commonly referred to as DCF, throughout the entire state of Massachusetts. Turning in court or out of court DCF negatives into positives.

Boston is an amazing city where my office is located. It has got more hospital beds per capita then perhaps any major city in the United States of America. You have got Mass. General Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Tufts, Boston Children’s Hospital, Shriners Burns Institute, Dana Farber Cancer Institute , Brigham and Women’s and on and on and on. We are so lucky!

The public knows that when you have a problem with your eyes you go see an entomologist or an optometrist. You have a problem with your teeth you go see the dentist or an orthodontist.

Problem with your heart you see a heart doctor.

Problem with you bones, break your leg you see an orthopedic surgeon.

Problem with your feet you see a podiatrist.

Any ailment you have of a medical condition you go see a specialist. Yet, when it comes to a DCF case I have had so many clients come to me and tell me that they made a mistake . That they went to their bankruptcy lawyer, or their criminal lawyer, or their divorce lawyer, or their immigration lawyer, or their wills estates and trusts lawyer.

Well you get the picture. They don’t specialize in DCF law. DCF and false allegations of child abuse and neglect, foster care and children being taken from families are extremely serious issue. You need a very serious lawyer who specializes in DCF law.

That is attorney Kevin Seaver. Call me , Call me now . Kevin Seaver 617 263 2633 Again, call me. Call now Call now. Call Kevin Seaver, 617 263 2633. We can help! Thank you

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    colleen mulder says:

    MR. Seaver was kind, compassionate and understanding. I learned a lot of valuable information from him. I’m so glad that I found him!

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