Who Filed a Child Abuse Report to DCF Against You

Who Filed a Child Abuse Report to DCF Against You - Kevin Seaver

Who Filed a Child Abuse Report to DCF Against You


Hi my name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert successfully specializing in fighting The Department of Children and Families more commonly known as DCF. I want to talk today about the DCF reporting process. There are three different individuals that report to DCF allegations of child abuse and neglect. The first is called a mandated reporter, the second type is called a non-mandated reporter, and the third is called anonymous.

Mandated reporters are individuals such as the police, firefighters trained and licensed. Others are like doctors: nurses in the medical field, guidance counselors, teachers, and day care worker. These individuals because of their proximity and their work relationship with children, will file when they suspect child abuse, they are obligated to report child abuse to DCF.

The second type is a non-mandated reporter which is family, friends, neighbors, babysitters, those who are not required by the law to report if they suspect child abuse but still do so.

The third type is anonymous. The anonymous is someone who gives no information to DCF, just reports the allegation. The mandated reporter cannot be an anonymous reporter. Now, when a person reports to DCF, DCF gives much more latitude and weight to a mandated reported. But the problem with that is that sometimes mandated reporters really are not as trained and specialized as one would like to think. Examples of this would be the following:

Recently a mandated reporter called in and reported a child that was sexually abused, the child had redness in its rectum and vaginal area. Simple explanation for that is that the child had diarrhea recently, had been wiped and cleaned quite a bit by his parents; but no one looked into that. DCF shot first and asked questions later, this was successfully found to be a false allegation.

Second type of case was involving a young person who had been injured, but had been injured accidentally. The mandated reporter did not speak the witness’ first language, and therefore there was miscommunication and words that were twisted and misinformed. This case also came into a successful resolution, despite the fact being screened in by a mandated reporter.

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