Do as I say not as I Do, DCF Style

Do as I say not as I Do, DCF Style

Hello, and thanks for joining me here today. My name is Kevin Seaver and I am an experienced trusted lawyer since 1991, successfully representing clients against the Department of Children and Families, more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts whether in court or out of court.

I want to talk about DCF do as I say not as I do.

A social worker went to a daycare center and picked up a child. The child was taken away from the daycare center it was later learned when the mother came to pick up the child, DCF had taken the wrong child. DCF excuse by the social worker was that both children have the same name. In the end, the child was found, and the child was safe in a basketball youth say euphemism- “No harm, No Foul.”

The social worker, a mere mortal human being like all of us made a mistake. I don’t know about you, but I do it all the time. Mistakes I got my hand raised. We are mortals, a mere mortals, we make mistakes so do DCF social workers make no mistake about that, they do. They may not admit to it or they may not want to admit to it, but they do. We all have blemishes, flaws, and imperfections. Nobody is perfect.

On the other hand, you have to ask yourself though, if that was a teacher, bus driver, daycare worker, a parent or some other caretaker, would the same result have occurred? With no harm, no foul. Or would DCF support that allegation for neglect of improper supervision? And that’s when common sense has to prevail , but sometimes doesn’t.

DCF has got to understand do as I say not as I do, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. DCF can make a mistake and so can parents and other caretakers. A neglect allegation shouldn’t be supported against you, but rather common sense should prevail in such a situation. When you’re involved or a family member is involved with DCF call me, call Kevin Seaver at (617) 263-2633. Call Kevin Seaver, I will help you at (617) 263-2633. Thank you for watching.

Kevin Seaver is an experienced, trusted lawyer who successfully represents clients against DCF from Boston, Massachusetts. Call Kevin at (617) 263-2633 or request a Free Consultation online!

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