Take Our Clients Word on Successfully Fighting DCF

Take Our Clients Word on Successfully Fighting DCF

Kevin Seaver is a trusted lawyer since 1991. Recognized expert that successfully specializes in fighting the Department of Children and Families, more commonly referred to as DCF. Attorney Seaver turns DCF negative involvement into positive outcomes for his clients throughout the State of MA. But don’t just take our word for it! Take it from some of the hundreds of clients Attorney Seaver has successfully represented!

“If you are going through a divorce, and your soon to be ex introduces the “child abuse” angle into your divorce and gets DCF involved, you need some serious legal help. If you go to your doctor and find out you have cancer, you go to a cancer specialist. If you are getting divorced and you get “child abuse” allegations thrown at you that is the ultimate legal “cancer.” And for this you need the best specialist in this area, Kevin Seaver. He knows DCF inside out and knows how to protect your rights. During those high stress times, you are also looking for support. DCF allegations require a very aggressive defense. Attorney Seaver will do just that!”

“He was articulate, he was astute, he was powerful because of his depth of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, he was methodical, and he was forceful because of the clarity and rich vocabulary in his delivery. During this two-hour long interview, there was not a single moment when I had not felt “secure and protected.” I had the “peace of mind” despite all the emotional damages.”

“Attorney Kevin Seaver is the only Attorney to call when your family faces the misfortune of DCF investigation – your family’s best plan of action is to be proactive in exercising your right to representation from the very start. The security and peace of mind that comes with Kevin’s representation are well worth it – it is never worth the risk of going it alone in a DCF Investigation. Kevin is the best of the best, and personally invested in protecting the sanctity of your family.”

“Having many years of experience and success, Attorney Seaver is the ONLY choice for DCF Representation in MA – unfortunately, Mandated Reporters are protected from liability while families have everything to lose – DCF is their weapon of choice in bullying parents exercising their right to disagree or advocate too loudly – families of Special Needs children are particularly vulnerable – if targeted by DCF, call Kevin immediately to protect your family through the nightmare of DCF involvement”

“To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter on behalf of my attorney, Kevin Patrick Seaver. My life and the life of my entire family was turned upside-down last December when the Department of Children and Families (DCF) began an assessment. I felt helpless and as if I had no control. It was the hardest six months of my life. Attorney Kevin Seaver helped me in my darkest hours and encouraged me to stay strong. His expertise in working with DCF, his continued support and compassion, and the professionalism of his entire team have allowed us to regain our happiness. Our case has been closed due to Kevin’s dedication and resolve. We can now move forward from this experience with the confidence and emotional well-being that we had as a family before we became involved with DCF. Attorney Seaver went above and beyond and we couldn’t be more grateful for his guidance and representation.
A family like yours”

“There’s really only one word that encapsulates Attorney Seaver: lifesaver.”

“If I could give this testimonial without doing so anonymously, I 100% would. However, my husband and I have rather public roles in government and academia. I’ll nonetheless try to provide as much context as I can regarding our circumstances and Attorney Seaver’s response. My husband and I got involved in an unfortunate situation that spiraled into DCF opening a child abuse and neglect case against us. Our child has never been neglected or abused by anyone. However, we received the most flagrant accusations against us from a mandated reporter. We’ve never been involved with DCF – I had no idea who they were until I received the phone call that turned our lives upside down. Assuming the Department of “Children and Families” is an agency that cares first about the well being of families, we *almost* walked into our interviews without consulting a lawyer. Upon doing a quick search online of what a 51a report entails, I frantically searched for a lawyer, knowing I needed one within a matter of hours. I went through all review boards online and ran into Attorney Seaver’s page and long list of testimonials describing him as a savior. I thought there had to be some embellishment going on, but called Attorney Seaver anyway. He picked up my call immediately, was highly understanding of my situation and agreed to meet me right away, close to 7pm at little more than 5 minutes notice! Attorney Seaver knows the law and how DCF operates better than anyone else in the game. I am simply amazed by how thoroughly he prepared my family (especially our child!) for every single possible scenario DCF might throw at us. He called me several times a day to check in with me, as I was an emotional wreck. Had we gone into the interviews without Kevin, I genuinely believe our child would have been taken by the state. Attorney Seaver saved my family, my sanity/health, and dignity. It’s an odd feeling to find out that your lawyer has your back and cares more about the true interest of a family and their children versus those who get funded by the government to protect them. I consider Attorney Seaver now as someone I would like to stay in touch with forever. I have deep respect and lifelong gratitude towards him for saving our family when all odds were stacked against us.”

These are just a few of the many five-star testimonials that Attorney Seaver has received for successfully protecting families from DCF. If you still aren’t convinced, you can click HERE to check out other client testimonials.

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