What Are The Three Things You Can Change To Successfully Fight DCF

What Are The Three Things You Can Change To Successfully Fight DCF

Hello , thank yo for joining me. My name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991. Recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families. More commonly referred to as DCF throughout the Commonwealth of Massacussetts. Whether in or out of court. Turning negatives into positives.

Today I want to talk about a client that that came into my office recently. Absolutely, positively on fire!

  • Yelling about the DCF social worker!
  • Yelling about the DCF supervisor!
  • Yelling about the DCF APM, Area Program Manager!
  • Yelling about the DCF Area Director!
  • Yelling about the DCF Ombsman and the commissioner and the governor! On and on and on like a seagull . Eats, sleeps and squawks!

All these people can’t be wrong. You are not going to change them.

The ONLY person you can change is YOU!

You need to change What? Three things. These things are all free. This will put way ahead of the game and successful in your fight against DCF.

Number 1. Your attitude.

Your attitude will determine the altitude you you fly at. Like a rocket ship. The only handicap in life is a bad attitude. Attitude is like a flat tire on a car. Until you change that tire your car doesn’t move, nor does you DCF case.Develop an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful, for everything you have. Yeah , it is not easy being involved with DCF, but it is even worse if you have a bad attitude.

Change it.

The second point I want to make is your appearance. This is serious business. You need to be serious in how you project yourself. It cost nothing or relatively nothing to take a shower and be clean. To put clean clothes on.

No one is saying you got to wear a tie. Like I am wearing or a suit coat. Take it seriously. Put clean clothes on. Take a shower. Have your hair comb. This is serious stuff. You need to dress serious.

The third point I want to make is about preparation. When you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. You have got to be organized. Go buy an inexpensive calendar. Put all your important people in there, including your action plan.

Staple it to the book. Know exactly what you are doing every day. Write down all the places you have to go, do and see. To accomplish whatever you need to accomplish on your DCF case.

And last but not least put the name of Kevin Patrick Seaver in your calendar.

Call me , call Kevin , 617 263 2633 Again, call me . Call Kevin and put it in your calendar, 617 263 2633. Thank you

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