How You Can Avoid The 3 DCF Fair Hearing Mistakes

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3 DCF Fair Hearing Mistakes

Hello, thank you for joining me. My name is Kevin Seaver and I’m a trusted lawyer since 1991. I’m a recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the department of children and families more commonly referred to as DCF, throughout the entire commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Today I want to talk about avoiding the pitfalls and being successful regarding your DCF fair hearing.

The first, biggest pitfall is failing to file a timely notice with DCF within 30 days of receipt of the letter from DCF saying you as a care taker have abused or neglected a child because if you do not file in a timely fashion you will forever be barred from appealing the allegation of abuse or neglect against you. You must file for a FAIR Hearing within 30 days to the fair hearing office of DCF located at 600 Washington street, 6th floor, Boston mass 02111. This is so critical and important let me repeat that address again. The department of children and families fair hearing unit located at 600 Washington street, 6th floor, Boston mass 02111.

The second biggest mistake I see is that people do not request formal or informal discovery of such things as the report of child abuse and the investigation by dcf that asserts that you have abused a child as well as other witness materials, getting school records, getting any other types of tangible items that will help you to show the fair hearing officer and putting it into evidence.

The third thing that is critical is that many, many, many clients go into the fair hearing unrepresented and they go in and tell their story to dcf’s fair hearing officer. You already told your story once to DC. They supported it against you. You go back in and tell the same story and you’re going to have the same result. They are going to support the allegation of child abuse and or neglect against you by the fair hearing officer. They didn’t believe you the first time DCF, they’re not going to believe you the second time.

DCF allows you to have counsel. Exercise that important fundamental right. Have an attorney, Attorney Seaver represent you. Call me Attorney Kevin Seaver. Call me now at area code (617) 263-2633. Again, call me attorney Kevin Seaver now at area code (617)263-2633. We can help you fight DCF. Thank you.

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    Latia S Fox says:

    Kevin told me do not be lazy . So I started doing alot of research on dcf and there laws and policys also my rights as well as my childs.

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