Aretha Franklin and DCF – If you want respect you have to give it

Aretha Franklin and DCF - If you want respect you have to give it

Hello, and thank you for joining me here today. My name is Kevin Seaver and I am an experienced trusted lawyer since 1991, successfully fighting and winning against the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire state of Massachusetts whether you are in court or out of court. We turn negatives into positives using a step by step approach.

Today, I want to talk about Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin had many struggles. At the age of 10, she lost her mother. Two short years later, at the age of 12 she had her first child that was born out of wedlock. She was married twice, had two husbands and had two divorces. She has multiple sisters sing in her backup band and they died of breast cancer. Aretha herself died of pancreas cancer but her legacy and the superlatives used to describe Aretha were off the charts as were 20 singles #1 on the R&B charts and she was listed on the 100 R&B hot charts that no other female ever had.

The fact that she became the first female to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 and perceived the lifetime achievement award in 1984. In 2005, George W. Bush gave her the highest medal of honor as a civilian for the presidential election of freedom. In 2011, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame again honored Aretha with an honorary doctorate from Case Western Reserve University as well as they gave her a performance of a lifetime at the show at it was outstanding. That night she also sang with Dennis Edwards of the Temptations, Ron Isley of the Isley brothers, Jerry Butler an incredible soul singer, all three of these individuals are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She also sang with her former backup singer who helped her with all her hits by the name of Cissy Houston, who also happened to be the mother of Whitney Houston. One of my favorite stories about her is when she had a lesson known musician, I never heard of this person, by the name of Jordan Johnson, and perhaps you haven’t either. He was a musician in his band and was requested by Aretha to be the warm up for one of her shows one night. And the conclusion and the anchor of Jordan Johnson was when his band came off stage and was greeted by the entire band of Aretha Franklin as they each shook each member of Johnson’s band hand. Talk about a sign of respect.

If there ever was person who earned and served the right of respect it was Aretha Franklin. She not only gave it, she showed it to everyone that she became involved with. Aretha Franklin did not make music she embodied it. Take the song respect, which was originally written by Otis Redding. Aretha Franklinnot only made it hers as a massive hit but also a feminist anthem, which today is as loud and clear and effective as it was back then because if you want respect, you need to give it. And that’s what you got to do when you’re dealing with DCF. Like Aretha Franklin you must give respect. When you’re dealing with a DCF case, give the social worker, supervisor, area clinical manager, area director, and all the DCF staff respect. Without it, you will not be successful with your case against DCF. My name is Kevin Seaver if you, a family member, or a neighbor is involved with DCF, call me, call Kevin at (617) 263-2633, we can help. Thank you.

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