Yes, children lie and this may lead DCF false allegations

Yes, children lie and this may lead DCF false allegations

Hello, Thanks for joining me here today. My name is Kevin Seaver.

I am a trusted lawyer since 1991 recognized expert successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I turn DCF negatives involvement for families into positives outcome for everybody. I do this in and out of court.

DCF has said to me in many occasions that children do not lie, I say “oh how contraire”. It’s almost like Moses coming down off the mountaintop with the 10 tablets, and the 11th one by the DCF is: children don’t lie.

I happen to celebrate Christmas, you may celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or some other religious holiday which is fantastic, we should celebrate our differences. With that said, around my home, and many other homes Christmas means Santa Clause. A big jolly fat fella, with a red suit, a beard and blue eyes, who comes every Christmas Eve with gifts he’s been making all year round in the North Pole. He has elves, oh yes he has elves. They make gifts all year round. And he has a wife and her name is Mrs. Claus. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus live up in the North Pole with the elves. And he comes on Christmas Eve on a flying slay with reindeers. And one reindeer, in particular, leads the pack with a red nose through the rain and snow and the slick and running, nothing stops this reindeer “Rudolph the red nose reindeer” and then we tell our children “he’s checking his list, he’s checking it twice, he’s checking to see who’s naughty or nice” and we blatantly tell our children about all the reindeers, and Rudolph, and after they go to bed we tell them that Santa is coming. We put out milk, half drank, a chocolate chip cookie which we eat a little bit so that we tell the children the next morning that “ Oh look Santa was here and he ate the chocolate chip cookie” and we also leave out carrots, oh, yes carrots half eaten so that we can show the children that the reindeer must have eaten them. And you know the reindeers got to eat and they eat carrots. And we sing songs the whole month of December.

Then the next holiday we’ve got, we’ve got Easter. Ahh Easter. We got chocolate eggs, and bunny rabbits, and Easter baskets, and we take our eggs and put coins in them and dollar bills and five dollar bills, and all types of different denominations of bills, and then we have an Easter egg hunt out in the back yard. We tell our kids how the Easter bunny, here comes Peter Cottontail! Hopping down the bunny trail. We tell them all about this character, the Easter bunny.

Then of course we have St. Patrick’s day with the Leprechaun right? The Leprechaun. And we go also, when children lose their teeth, what do we do? Put it under your pillow. Put it under your pillow , you’ll get money. And the next day when they wake up and they put their tooth under their pillow. Voil la! Abracadabra! Hocus Pocus! There’s money!

And we lie to our kids. We teach them fantasy. We teach them about things that aren’t real.

And then, when they tell us something that’s not true and that’s false, such as when they’re watching cartoons or superheroes. My favorite cartoon was bugs bunny and the road runner. Beep Beep! But they are now into big types of superheroes which aren’t true, false, non reality.

But children don’t lie, they always tell the truth according to DCF. How contrare.

Recently, I had a couple come in to my office and their eight year old daughter her best friend was in the toilet. She had her pants down going to the bathroom and her best friend which was my clients child, thought it was funny to go in and sit on her lap while she was going to the bathroom. Next thing we know, DCF is calling them and knocking on their door saying Sexual Abuse. An eight year old. Hellooo DCF? Really? Eight year old children, sexual abuse. But because mother had a “history” quote end quote with DCF, DCF screened it in and did an investigation. I can’t make these facts up. Both of these allegations were completely bogus, false, and unrealistic, but because mandated reporters from the school lack discretion, or commons sense, or whatever you want to call it, claimed that it was sexual abuse and neglect, by the parents, had to come from home, why would a child sit on another child’s lap that had her pants down going to the bathroom right? They had to investigate it. At the conclusion of the investigation we showed that there was no sexual abuse and no neglect and the case came to a happy ending.

But it again goes back to the previous point that at times DCF will tell you that children never lie. It’s just not true. We teach them fictional, false characters then we wonder why they do sometimes some foolish things, such as sitting on another child’s lap while going to the bathroom.

Call me. Call Attorney Kevin Seaver if you are involved with DCF with a false allegation of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect. Call me now at 617-263-2633. Again, call me, call Kevin Seaver, call me now at 617-263-2633. We can help you with your false allegations by DCF of child abuse and or neglect. Thank you.

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