What is the secret to successfully fight DCF?

What is the secret to successfully fight DCF?

What is the secret to successfully fight DCF?

Hello, Thanks for joining me today. My name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991 recognized expert successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I turn DCF negatives into positives outcome for you and your family.

Today, I am going tell you about one of the biggest secrets some lawyers don’t tell their clients. I tell all my clients and that secret is about time standards and time, and how important time is in your DCF case.

The importance of this is that you can utilize your time in the case to your benefits or to your disadvantage. To successfully fight DCF you must know what are the time standards. What do I have to accomplish in order to be successful and if you don’t know that there’s no way that you can win successfully against DCF.

The example that I give my clients is that is playing monopoly. If you play monopoly, you go around the board and if you don’t collect you 200 dollars it is more likely than not that you’re not going to win the game. But if your playing with DCF and you don’t know what the time standards are, then you have a recipe for disaster, it’s a disadvantage. Turn that negative into a positive by knowing your time standards.

For an example, when a DCF investigation of child abuse and or neglect is it an emergency or non-emergency investigation and knowing that will tell you what the time standards are, and you work within them. Same thing with the DCF assessment, what are the time standard and work within that time standard to make it a successful outcome for your family regarding a supportive DCF allegation of child abuse and/or neglect, you have time standards to appeal that to the DCF main office at 600 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111. And that is thirty days. Those are the time standards to appeal. You also have time standards when you are dealing with the Juvenile/ Probate and Family Court when there is a care and protection file that has been filed and your children are placed in foster care.

The clock is ticking and doesn’t listen to the social worker. I tell social workers all the time, don’t play lawyer, I promise I won’t play the social worker. Social workers are in the ears of clients all the time telling them that they have to do this and do that, don’t listen to them, listen to your lawyer.

If your lawyer is not telling you that, call me, call Attorney Seaver. Call me at (617) 263-2633. Again, call me, call Kevin Seaver at 617-263-2633. I will fight for you against DCF. Thank you.

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