District Attorney Referrals

A District Attorney (DA) Referral is when a case goes above and beyond The Department of Children and Families (DCF), and a DCF worker recommends a case to be brought up to the District Attorney’s Office. This is important to know because once the DA is involved it becomes a criminal case instead of a civil.

District Attorney Referrals - Law Office of Kevin Seaver
District Attorney Referrals – Law Office of Kevin Seaver

Allegations of sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor are always referred to the DA. They are some of the most significant crimes one can commit against a minor, so they are mandated to be referred. Other sorts of reasons for referral include, but are not limited to, death, brain damage, loss or substantial impairment of a bodily function or organ, substantial disfigurement, or serious physical injury such as a bone fracture, severe burn, impairment of any organ, or any injury requiring the child to be placed on life-support systems.

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