How to Successfully Fight DCF

How to Successfully Fight DCF

How to Successfully Fight DCF, Call Attorney Seaver.

My name is Kevin Patrick Seaver, I’m a DCF defense attorney. For the past 25+ years I have successfully represented clients all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in various matters involving DCF.

You must read the following:

You must have a strategy. Without a strategy, you have failed to plan therefore you plan to fail. DCF has a strategy, they have a plan and you must have the same. When DCF comes into your home, you are under no obligation to speak to them. Immediately call Attorney Seaver. Do not sign any documentation until Attorney Seaver has reviewed such documentation.

You have Constitutional rights. DCF will come out with what’s called a “Parent Pamphlet” and in that pamphlet, they will advise you that it is your constitutional right to have an attorney present at any time and you should exercise that. If DCF is telling you that you need an attorney, listen carefully to them. DCF is not only an army of social workers, supervisors, program managers and directors; along with lawyers, paralegals and other support staff; along with nurse and therapists; they also happened to be a bunch of governmental  agencies such the local, state, and federal law enforcement; along with prosecutors, the District Attorney’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s office as well as the attorney general’s office; also the courts where the information you give DCF can and at times will be used against you in a court of law, which could lead to even jail time. Be very careful with what you say to DCF.

You want to make sure you understand your legal rights. Most people don’t know what their legal rights are. If you don’t know what your legal rights are, you have-no-legal-rights. That includes your children, they may be small but they are not stupid. You need to protect them. When they are being interviewed by DCF or when you are being interviewed by DCF, have an attorney; have Attorney Seaver present to represent you zealously and to advocate for your rights. If you have any questions, please make one call, only call, call Attorney Seaver at (617) 263-2633.

Successfully Fight DCF, Call Attorney Seaver

5 thoughts on “How to Successfully Fight DCF

  1. Joanne says:

    Kevin Seaver is by far the best Attorney to represent you & your children – he is very well-respected by DCF – DCF takes notice when Attorney Seaver is your Representation – they are very respectful and careful as they know Kevin knows law inside & out and will not hesitate to catch and use against them any missteps made

    Should you have misfortune of crossing paths with DCF, call Kevin – he’s your best hope for surviving with your family intact

    Should you be misfortunate enough to hire Representation that fails you, cut ties immediately & call Kevin Seaver – he’s your best hope for undoing any damage done

    Kevin Seaver is worth every last penny – he gives so much more support and protection than his fee could even begin to cover – don’t doubt for a second that you will get your $$$ worth – you will & then some

    Thanks Kevin for all you have done for our family – you fought for our family as if we were your own – words could never come close to expressing the depth of our gratitude – your clients are truly blessed to have such a fiercely compassionate Attorney at their side

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