MA DCF Case Study: How Broken Objects Can Quickly Turn Into Allegations of Child Neglect  

Case Highlights:

  • Argument occurred between Mom and Dad at wedding 
  • Anonymous caller informed police of possible domestic violence in the home 
  • Officers found evidence broken objects and messiness around the house
  • DCF believed domestic violence took place, possibly in front of the children and accused parents of neglect
  • Attorney Seaver gave parents an easy plan to follow 
  • Case was closed and DCF was out of family’s life 

Case Study:

A 51A report was called to MA DCF by a mandated reporter suspecting domestic violence was taking place in Mom and Dad’s house. Law enforcement officers went to the parents’ home to find broken objects and things scattered on the floor. DCF assumed that domestic violence was happening, possibly in front of the parents’ children.  Without obtaining the parents’ full story, The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families immediately accused Mom and Dad of child neglect. The allegations were supported. 

Mom and Dad attended a wedding, had a few drinks, and got into a verbal argument about driving home. Fortunately, another guest was able to drive the parents back. The Department later informed the parents of the accusations against themselves. Mom and Dad felt hopeless and fearful that at any time DCF could show up and take away their children. 

Mom and Dad hired a lawyer because they were not willing to take any chances of losing custody. Attorney Seaver encouraged the parents that he would help them through the process as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Attorney Seaver initiated a plan that Mom and Dad were to follow and his instructions were simple and easy to understand. He was welcoming around the parents and children, allowing them to feel comfortable during the 51B investigation. 

Attorney Seaver was able to effectively communicate with the investigator, and provided all necessary information to show that the allegations were false. The plan and teamwork between both Attorney Seaver and the parents added up to an extremely happy ending. Once the case was closed and the allegations were overturned, Mom and Dad were ecstatic. Both were so grateful for Attorney Seaver and his team. 

Attorney Seaver was trained, confident, and reliable which is exactly what Mom and Dad needed. He helped get DCF out of the parents’ lives and let them move on together as a family.  

63 DCF Client Case Study