MA DCF Case Study: How a Mom’s Social Media Quickly Raised Concerns of Abuse and Neglect

Case Highlights:

  • Mom was alleged sexual abuse and neglect of Child
  • DCF and the FBI appeared at the home claiming she produced child pornography
  • Mom simply was sending a photo of son to friend in her home country, not intentional
  • DCF failed to consider cultural differences
  • Attorney Seaver built a strong case proving that Mom was not neglectful

Case Study: 

The FBI showed up at a Mom’s home after a concerning image was found on her social media messages. They searched the home as well as the Mom’s electronic devices. Mom tried to explain the cultural differences that led to this misunderstanding and it seemed like the FBI understood this.

No charges were pressed by the FBI; however, they were still required to report this incident to DCF. DCF did not support the allegations for sexual abuse, however were adamant about supporting neglect and falsely accused Mom of having a poor character. 

The Department soon after quickly became involved and supported allegations of neglect. Mom was terrified about losing her job and being able to provide for her child. It was not her intention to send a picture of her son however her cultural background did not accept this type of image as wrong or as a form of abuse. 

Initially, Mom contacted multiple attorneys who gave her bad advice. She was told to provide DCF with any information that they asked for which ended up being detrimental to her case. She eventually found Attorney Seaver who got back to her right away. 

Attorney Seaver had a plan to win her case and got the best experts to testify. Mom and Attorney Seaver worked in the spirit of cooperation with DCF and provided them with relevant documents. In the end, the allegations of neglect were unsupported and DCF was out of the mother’s life. She was relieved to have her case closed quickly with the decision overturned.      

MA DCF Case Study 30
MA DCF Case Study 30