MA DCF Case Study: How a Divorce and Disagreements Turned into False DCF Allegations of Neglect

Case Highlights:

  • Allegations of Neglect against Mom stemming from disagreements with Dad
  • DCF alleged physical and verbal domestic violence between Mom and Dad
  • Children were interviewed separately and provided completely distinct accounts
  • Once Attorney Seaver was hired, story became much more clear
  • DCF closed case once it was realized that children did not witness disagreements

Case Summary:

The case stems from allegations of neglect against Mom due to past disagreements with Dad. Children reported that there were verbal and physical disagreements between Mom and Dad. At the current point they were separated due to disagreements. They decided to get a divorce to prevent the risk of disagreement and causing emotional stress to the children.

During the contentious divorce, Child reported that there were disagreements between Mom and Dad while handling visitation. Dad had multiple DCF reports screened out against him. At this point, these reports started involving Mom.

Mom was painted as the aggressor by the investigator, however it was clearly not the case based on her testimony. Mom was faced with neglect allegations when she had never abused her children, she simply was associated with Dad who had previous DCF involvement. Mom was at risk of losing custody of her children based on these false allegations. 

Mom reached out to Attorney Seaver to find out more about how to get rid of DCF to unsubstantiate the false allegations of neglect. Fortunately, Attorney Seaver was able to get a hold of all case files regarding the children and dismantle all the evidence that was falsely painting Mom as the abuser. DCF had no choice but to unsupport the allegations of neglect and return the children to the home where each child was safe and happy. The family felt very satisfied that the case was closed and DCF was out of their life for good.

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