Pleasing DCF May Violate Your Legal Rights

Pleasing DCF May Violate Your Legal Rights - Law Office of Kevin Seaver

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My name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families, more commonly referred to as DCF. I turn DCF negatives into positives throughout the entire state of Massachusetts, whether you are in court or out of court.

A grandfather and his grandson were walking out of town with their donkey. The grandfather put the grandson up on the donkey and a passerby yelled out, “Hey, what is with that selfish young boy sitting on that donkey? He should let the older gentleman ride the donkey.”

With that, the grandfather took the grandson down off the donkey and exchanged positions with him, riding high on the donkey. Another passerby yells out shortly thereafter, ‘Hey, what’s with that young boy? That poor young boy should not be walking next to the donkey. He should be up on the donkey.

With that said, the grandfather reaches down, picks up the grandson, and puts him up on the donkey. Now, he and the grandson are riding high up on the donkey Another passerby yells out, “Hey, what are you two doing out there? You two are too heavy for that poor donkey. You’re going to crush that donkey. That donkey can’t take your weight and the other child’s weight. What are you thinking?”

Next, you see the grandfather and grandson walking back into town carrying the donkey.

The moral to this story is that most people want to be pleasers. They want to please everybody, but you can’t please everybody all the time. This is especially true of DCF.

When DCF asks you to sign documentation, such as an action plan, or releases, or any other documentation, or if they ask you to do some other type of task, you’ve got an attorney for a reason and attorneys should come between you and DCF and help you understand your legal rights because if you don’t know what your legal rights are, then you have no legal rights.

DCF is not your friend. Make sure when you make a decision, such as signing a documentation or answering their questions, first call Attorney Seaver, Kevin Seaver, at 617-263-2633. Call me, Attorney Kevin Seaver. Call me now at area code 617-263-2633. Thank you for watching this video. I wish you good day, and I wish you goodbye until next time.

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    Brandon Bellerose says:

    I’ve been fighting DCF Before neglect charges have been brought up and as a former victim of DCF’S negligence, i am affected daily with the wrong doings they have commited and not a care for. I WILL NOT ALLOW MY CHILD TO SUFFER AS I HAVE.

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