How to Successfully Overcome Your Substance Abuse Issue

How to Successfully Overcome Your Substance Abuse Issue

Substance Abuse Issue

Hello. My name is Kevin Seaver. Thank you for joining me here today. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families, more commonly referred to as DCF. I turn DCF negatives into positives throughout the entire state of Massachusetts.

I had a client come into my office with her husband and admit that she had a cocaine addiction. It started out innocently as I’m sure most addictions do. She had a girlfriend that she palled around with during the week when her husband was working. Watching their kids, they went out on play dates. One fateful day, the friend broke out some cocaine. At first, the mother didn’t do it. A week later, again the same thing. The friend came, did a little cocaine. Mother didn’t do it. After about three or four times of this going on, finally my client, the mother, broke down and did some cocaine with her friend.

I went through the family history, criminal records, so forth and so on, and I found out that my client had five sisters, who were very close to her. She was not the oldest, she was not the youngest, she fell in the middle. But none of them knew about her cocaine addiction. I told her it had to stop. I am not here to judge you, but rather to advocate for you. I told her there but for the grace of God, go I.

Addiction, substance abuse, affects every family in the commonwealth. Somebody, somewhere, somehow has a problem in all our families. It is rampant. And I told her if she wants to lick this, and if she wants her children, and she profusely said that she did, her sisters had to know. They had to help her on this journey to sobriety.

I had the sisters in the very next day and I could tell my client was incredibly nervous and anxiety ridden. The oldest sister stood up first and told my client that she loved her very much and walked over and hugged and kissed her and told her how much she loved her and that she would fight every step of the way to help her with this addiction and that she wasn’t mad, she was just disappointed that she didn’t tell her sisters cause they loved her very much.

And you could feel in the room, the gigantic gasp by my client, the release of tension off her shoulders that her own sisters now knew, but more importantly were encouraging, loving, and hugging, and kissing her and were going to support her every step of the way.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but the sisters took days off from work either for vacation, calling in sick, or they rearranged their schedule to be with this mother every day Monday through Friday, taking her to her ad care treatment program, taking her to her therapist, her AA/NA meetings, to meet with her sponsor, and all the things required on her action plan to succeed against DCF. Tammy Wynette sang a song called “Stand by Your Man.” In this case the opposite is true, stand by your woman. Especially in this case in the darkest hour, this husband and dad was unbelievable to my client. He didn’t point any fingers, he didn’t play the blame game or anything like that, he didn’t criticize. He stood tall and he helped her.

The second thing is the family, the sisters, they are incredible. Every day Monday through Friday, they were there like clockwork and helped her every step of the way with encouragement, love, and understanding.

Last but not least, so was DCF. I know that’s hard to believe sometimes by clients. But the social worker, supervisor, area preliminaries, and area director did everything in their powers to help this young woman.

If you got a DCF negative you want to turn into a positive, call me. Call Attorney Kevin Seaver. Call me now at area code 617-263-2633. Again, Attorney Kevin Seaver 617-263-2633. Thank you for watching this video. I wish you good day, and I wish you goodbye until next time.

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