Keys to Getting Motivated When You Feel Trapped by Your DCF Action Plan

Keys to Getting Motivated When You Feel Trapped by Your DCF Action Plan

When learning, development, and growth has been inhibited by your DCF action plan, it is time to get motivated! You can still grow and learn despite the action plan slowing you down. You must push through your DCF action plan to be successful in fighting DCF. It is important to continue to advance and move ahead.

When you get to the Foster Care Review, Court Hearings, or Fair Hearings, you can look back and see the great progress you have made. This will do wonders for your self-esteem and self-worth. The DCF action plan will give you the tools to accomplish your goals and be successful in your DCF matter.

You can then look ahead, with eager anticipation, knowing there’s even more to come regarding learning in life.

It takes much effort for parents to continuously slog through their DCF action plan. This will not be easy, but it is worth it. Some are hindered by things like “self-doubt”. Some are looking at their DCF action plan and feel overwhelmed, while others feel defeated before even beginning their tasks. It is not possible to complete your action plan in a day, a week, or a month, in most cases. Therefore, you must take a long-range approach and not get upset upon receiving the DCF action plan. You can start with today. Start with one good day and build on this one good day. Turn this one good day into more good days which eventually makes up a good week. Then turn this one good week into multiple good weeks. Before you know it, there is one good month. That good month turns into more good months. You are sailing with innovative ideas and are feeling good about your successful completion of your DCF action plan. This will lead to you winning your DCF case.

Dealing with the DCF action plan will be difficult at times. The influence of distractions that will be thrown at you will be constant.

You can overcome your action plan with these key strategies.

Learn to live intentionally by making sure your time is well spent in positive pursuits.

Some clients merely stand still. You must take immediate positive action. Stand up and act now!

Early in the case, some admit to not doing very much.

Your journey begins with the first step. Take that first step today and do NOT wait! Your children depend on you. Your goal during your DCF involvement must be written down or it is merely a wish. This goal that is written down must include you successfully completing your DCF action plan tasks.

You should often repeat your goal to encourage accountability. Your family, friends, and colleagues need to push you to accomplish your DCF action plan tasks. You should also expect them to excuse you when you turn down invitations and requests that would distract you from your service plan tasks. Nothing slows momentum like daily interruptions.

Working towards success is a process, and it comes with a price.

Paying your dues is part of completing the tasks on your action plan.

Just like toddlers who wobble before they run, you need time to develop your skills and refine your ideas before you can make a meaningful contribution to your action plan.

Success with your action plan takes time, and that’s why some end up settling for good to poor results. Like I said, working towards success is a process, and it comes with a price. We must be willing to make the sacrifices that push us towards our goals. Both at the beginning of our action plan tasks and then every time we are ready to push to the next level. Stand up and start moving forward towards your action plan tasks. Put yourself in the right environment.

Where have you situated yourself? Will the people who surround you push you forward or will they pull you back? You must put yourself in a growth environment. This includes at the beginning of DCF action plan tasks and at every stage. This is especially true in those times when you will feel your momentum slowing.

How do you know you are in a growth environment? Simply ask yourself these questions.

Are other people ahead of me? If you’re at the head of the class, you’re in the wrong class. Find a place where you can glean knowledge from those further down the road.

Are you continually challenged?

You will have setbacks, but your engine should not slow down.

Find your focus. Be deliberate in your daily decision-making. And if you’re going off track, reposition yourself quickly. Good luck!

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