Client Testimonials

Attorney Seaver has successfully handled over 1,000 DCF cases in and out of court.

Due to Kevin’s professional skill set, many flaws and leaks in DCF’s report surfaced. It was indeed an uphill battle which I could never imagine that I can win. But at the end Kevin was able to overturn all DCF’s decisions. I was so impressed when seeing the DCF investigator became a deer in the headlights answering Kevin’s question on the hearing day. Attorney Kevin Seaver, please accept my big thanks for your understanding, guidance, and results-oriented approach during the toughest time of my life.

We had spent many hours trying to fight the system on our own and were stonewalled at every turn. Fortunately, we make an appointment with you and were given hope where there seemed to be none. His plain, precise and pointed manner of unraveling the situation was a breath of fresh air. Of course, the upshot of the entire nightmare was your success in getting the decision reversed prior to any hearing at all!

If you are going through a divorce, and your soon to be ex introduces the “child abuse” angle into your divorce and gets DCF involved, you need some serious legal help. If you go to your doctor and find out you have cancer, you go to a cancer specialist. If you are getting divorced and you get “child abuse” allegations thrown at you that is the ultimate legal “cancer.” And for this you need the best specialist in this area, Kevin Seaver. He knows DCF inside out and knows how to protect your rights. During those high stress times, you are also looking for support. DCF allegations require a very aggressive defense. Attorney Seaver will do just that!

Attorney Kevin Seaver is the only Attorney to call when your family faces the misfortune of DCF investigation – your family’s best plan of action is to be proactive in exercising your right to representation from the very start. The security and peace of mind that comes with Kevin’s representation are well worth it – it is never worth the risk of going it alone in a DCF Investigation. Kevin is the best of the best, and personally invested in protecting the sanctity of your family.

He was articulate, he was astute, he was powerful because of his depth of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, he was methodical, and he was forceful because of the clarity and rich vocabulary in his delivery. During this two-hour long interview, there was not a single moment when I had not felt “secure and protected.” I had the “peace of mind” despite all the emotional damages.

It’s because of Kevin Seaver that this will be one of the best years of my life; my family will be reunited. It’s because of Kevin Patrick Seaver that I will have my life back.

After working with several attorneys, I had the very good fortune to finally find Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver. In my book, he is in a class by himself in the depth of knowledge of pertinent laws and their application, DCF policies, procedures and finally, he is well known by the DCF Staff at all levels.

Attorney Seaver exceeded everyone’s expectations and I am whole again. I thank you and my family thanks you!

Attorney Seaver’s office should be the first call anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with [DCF] should make, for any reason.

I chose to retain Kevin Patrick Seaver as my attorney. That was the best decision I ever made. Kevin is most definitely a cut above the rest and his representation is unparalleled to that of any other.

This is the guy you want in your corner when DCF contacts your family!! Having Kevin gives you the best possible chance against DCF.

If my daughter was sick I would get her the best doctor possible. The same thing is true when your child is mixed up with DCF. I am so glad that when we became involved with DCF we got the best legal help, Attorney Kevin Seaver.

Attorney Kevin Seaver is the only Attorney to call when your family faces the misfortune of DCF investigation

Kevin has helped me, he saved my life. Without his expertise, patience, and support you would not be reading this right now because I would not have a testimonial to write if my case was not reversed.

I chose to retain Kevin Patrick Seaver as my attorney. That was the best decision I ever made.

When I was told a 51A was filed against me I felt as though the world was collapsing around me. When my wife found Kevin Seaver’s website, we immediately felt that he was the one to represent us. He immediately went to work and took care of everything for us. He handled the conflict of interest problem by getting the case transferred to a neutral party and making sure we were taken care of fairly by all parties involved. He went above and beyond to make sure we were represented even when the case went much longer than anticipated. He represented us for the time it took to make sure that the case was found unsupported and I was cleared of any wrongdoing. This type of generosity and caring are hard to come by. His expertise in the field of DCF cases was very comforting, and it helped us to keep positive while we waited for the investigation to happen and then for the reports to be finished. We thank Kevin Seaver for making the drive to be present when we were questioned as well as returning every phone call we made to you and taking care of all our requests. We could not have asked for better representation. Again, I want to thank you Attorney Seaver for everything he has done for us. I can’t imagine where we would be now without your help.

I am indebted to Atty. Seaver’s ever relentless defense.

Attorney Seaver was able to quickly understand and appreciate my urgent issues with DCF. I am convinced that he handled my matter with the greatest efficiencies and expertise.

Kevin Seaver not only met my expectations, he exceeded in some ways what should be expected of him. If you love and value your child/grandchild and this happens to you please hire the best attorney you can and for me that attorney was Kevin Seaver.

We are horrified to think what would have happened to this child if it weren’t for the efforts of Kevin. We truly believe that he saved our son from becoming a statistic.

We really cannot say enough about what Kevin did for us, or how satisfied we were with dealing with him. While we would not wish to have been put in the position of needing his services, we really are pleased with the outcome of having hired him. His service and expertise are worth every penny.

I met and spoke with three attorneys within a week. After my initial meeting with Attorney Seaver, my husband and I knew he was the attorney for the job.

Attorney Seaver was extremely helpful in working with me to resolve my case with [DCF]. His professionalism, expertise and personal approach were a tremendous asset to me and my family during a trying time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs someone on their side when dealing with such an intimidating process.

[Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver] won the case, and had DCF out of [our] lives, and out of my heart. A gift I can never return. Attorney Seaver worked in a professional and timely manner, did everything he said he would, and more, and at times personal comments were made to me that were uplifting and genuine like you would hear from a friend. For all this I am truly grateful.

Quite simply, Kevin Seaver is one of the better trial attorneys that I have seen after practicing law for twenty years myself.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Attorney Seaver for going the extra mile!!

As a client of Kevin Patrick Seaver’s law practice, I can wholeheartedly recommend their services to any one in need of assistance with social service difficulties.

Again, I recommend Kevin and his team as they truly made my life easier during these months and ultimately took the outcome to the successful conclusion that they thought possible.

Kevin Seaver really pushed to the top for everything. I am very happy and satisfied with the result! There is no word that can express my thanks enough. He is simply the best attorney who can provide the top quality of service. I feel so lucky to choose you above all others!

After our first meeting we knew we had found someone who believed in our cause and would fight for our rights.

I was so lucky to have Attorney Kevin stand on my side. With his abundant knowledge and experience, he was able to overturn all DCF’s allegations on me at the end.

After working with several attorneys, I had the very good fortune to finally find Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver. In my book, he is in a class by himself in the depth of knowledge of pertinent laws and their application, DCF policies, procedures and finally, he is well known by the DCF Staff at all levels.

Attorney Seaver has, in years of experience in clearing client’s names, developed a model in deconstructing and reconstructing the case. I have called it “peeling the onion”. This is a systematic process used to identify critical data points, their hierarchical relationships that expose DCF’s willfully faulty conduct of their investigation and conclusion based on hard evidence. During my “Fair Hearings” I saw this man deliver a performance of a virtuoso, a true work of art. I made the right bet. In conclusion, Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver’s dedication, commitment, never quit spirit and boundless energy resulted in a successful outcome for me and will for you.

Attorney Kevin Patrick made something that never seemed possible happen and for this we are truly grateful. When our four-year-old niece came to live with us, we were told it would be only two weeks until DCF finalized papers. Weeks turned into months, months turned into years. So, month after moth we went to court trying to fight what seemed to be an endless battle. Then one day a close family friend gave us your name and said if anyone could settle this case it would be Kevin Patrick Seaver. Today we owe our positive outcome to Kevin Patrick and if it were not for him we would be in the middle of a long battle of a trial.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for Attorney Seaver’s time and effort put into handing our case with the Department of Children and Families. His work and efforts were on point. Thanks to his help our daughter has returned home, and our case is closed. Once again thanks and keep up the excellent job well done.

It’s because of Attorney Kevin Seaver that I will be with my son this year. It’s because of him that I still have my parental rights. It’s because of him that this will be one of the best years of my life; my family will be reunited. He gave me a reason to live by keeping my son and I together. I will never as long as I live be able to repay him. There is no price for love. Thank you, Attorney Seaver, for giving me my life back. My son is my life.

My husband and I are very pleased with the representation we received from Kevin Seaver. Our case was involved with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) for a second time and was brought to Court. Our dealings with DCF in the past were horrendous. The case worker was lax in our services and we felt we were getting the run around. They had been in our lives for two years to no avail. DCF had informed us that if we did not fully participate in and fully complete all their requirements at their whim that we would lose our children. Prior to hiring Kevin Seaver, we felt that we had no rights as parents. Attorney Seaver informed us of our legal rights as parents and we finally felt as though we could cooperate with DCF and not feel threatened any longer. Attorney Seaver advised us that DCF had a limit as to what they could request of us and that they could not hold the fact that they could take our children at any time over our heads. When our case was called in Court, we were extremely impressed with Attorney Seaver’s handing of our case. We had only me with him a few times, but he knows all the intricate parts of our case as if we had been clients for years. Attorney Seaver is extremely competent and we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services. Thank you for the successful outcome.

What do you expect when you enlist the services of a lawyer? I was looking for someone to understand my position, to care about the problem I feel I need to address, to tell me whether I should pursue my problem, not to give me false hopes, and to be accessible when I need to put in perspective the ongoing case. Kevin Seaver not only met my expectations, he exceeded in some ways what should be expected of him. He was able to navigate me into the right direction to accomplish and reach my goal. I value not only his ability to be a professional lawyer, but also for adding the personal touch that made you feel like a friend.

I have found Attorney Seaver to be a skillful and practiced lawyer in DCF matters, and am quite pleased with his services. Attorney Seaver was able to quickly understand and appreciate my urgent issues with DCF. He took a lot of time explaining the options available to me, and was always available by phone or email. I felt like he was fighting DCF right beside me! In the end, Attorney Seaver resolved my DCF issues quickly. I am convinced that he handled my matter with the greatest efficiencies and expertise. I recommend Attorney Seaver to anyone with a DCF matter.

At the very beginning I found myself presumed guilty until proven guilty. Until I retained Attorney Kevin Seaver as my defense attorney, that is. My one regret is that I did not retain Attorney Seaver’s services all the sooner, but no on ever told me, “Do not speak to DCF without your own attorney present,” or that our sincere statements to DCF would be grievously misrepresented in the reports. Attorney Seaver wasted no time in having my family and me assessed by forensic specialists, and he surrounded us by a web of expert witnesses protecting us against further damage or intimidation. Attorney Seaver always made himself available by phone and returned calls very promptly. DCF eventually closed its case against me, thanks to Attorney Seaver. Most of all, I am indebted to Attorney Seaver’s ever relentless defense, for having assured that none of our children ever spent so much as a minute away from home as wards of the state. There is no way to place an equivalent tangible value on this security. It would be an honor for me to recommend the services of Attorney Kevin Seaver and his committed staff.

We recently had an unfortunate incident where our teenage son was drinking alcohol at our home while my husband and I were both sleeping. Our son also provided another minor with alcohol while at our home. This incident was discussed in front of school officials who found it necessary to report it to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). A charge of neglect was filed on us as parents. Needless to say, we were upset and did not know where to turn. Though this was a situation out of our control (our liquor cabinet was locked, but my son found the key), we were unsure what the process would be and, more importantly, what potential consequences might ensue. On a friend’s referral, we sought out the assistance of Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver and his team. Attorney Seaver was responsive and quick to provide us with practical counsel and assistance. He educated us on the process that would take place and was proactive in dealing directly with the Department of Children and Families on our behalf. He provided us with the support of an individual from his office who worked with our family to prepare us for the DCF visit and to ensure that we were as comfortable as possible through the process. As a family, we survived this difficult ordeal with the outcome of no probable cause for the charge of neglect. Attorney Seaver and his team followed through and provided an anchor of support through the process.

My experience with DCF was unexpected and a total shock. I was a worker at a group home, doing my job the way I was trained, and ended up having a 51A filed against me by my employer. On top of that my employer was less than helpful when it came to correct information and informing me what the consequences could be if the 51A was substantiated. I was really confused until I came across Kevin Seaver’s website. After reading his website I was better informed about DCF and 51As and really impressed with Kevin. I hired Kevin almost immediately. Kevin put an effective plan together and walked me through it every step of the way. He made sure I was properly prepared to meet with the DCF investigator so there would be no mistaking my innocence in this matter. My case was ruled unsubstantiated and I’m grateful for the fine work Kevin did for me. Kevin was a true professional throughout my ordeal as he returned messages promptly, kept me informed of developments, and answered my questions thoroughly and honestly. Kevin is a person you can count on to give you quality service.

A year ago, I found myself in the position of defending myself from accusations from the Department of Children and Families that I neglected my children when an incident occurred when my 9-year-old son hit his twin sister and the incident spiraled out of control. As someone who works in the legal field, I realized I needed legal representation and contacted Kevin. He reviewed my situation, advised me how to deal with service plans, the DCF social worker and how to get through a very stressful time for myself and my children. Kevin took the extra time to fully review my situation and develop the best approach to end DCF’s involvement in my life. Kevin successfully got DCF to unsupported their findings and allow myself and my children to close a difficult chapter. Without Kevin’s experience with DCF, I don’t believe the Department would have responded with the successful result I just received.

Kevin was available. He returned phone calls promptly and he had a machine to take messages if he was in court or with another client. When I went to Texas to see my new grandson, he gave me a number to call so I could still reach him if needed. When in Court on other business, Kevin made the most of every opportunity to talk to colleagues and experts about my case, he made sure to keep in touch with that person and made sure they knew all the facts. He filed motions and attended every hearing. He was always well prepared and usually made the DCF lawyers look like incompetent bumblers!

It took one phone call from the Department of Children and Families (better described as the department of “sloppy services”) to railroad my life like a steam locomotive. I was accused of sexually abusing my children by their mother, who had been convicted of child abuse and neglect just three years earlier. I could write a book about how DCF intruded into my life and made it a living hell. Fortunately, for me and more importantly for the sake of my children, I chose to retain Kevin Patrick Seaver as my attorney. That was the best decision I ever made. Kevin is most definitely a cut above the rest and his representation is unparalleled to that of any other by any stretch of the imagination. Although it was always very evident that maliciousness was behind these awful accusations, Kevin is the person who was responsible for turning my case in a 180-degree direction and getting things back to normal in my home. Today, because of Kevin, his strategic approach, and relentless pursuit of the facts, I have the respect of everyone involved in the case and anyone who supported these accusations is spinning in circles. If it were not for Kevin, none of this would be possible. I would strongly advise anyone who has DCF knocking on the door to call Kevin. Don’t make the mistake of a lifetime by not calling him. Kevin will and always does litigate feverishly for his clients and will always go out of his way to offer the best that he can.

In Dante’s Inferno, the “Gates of Hell” have a famous inscription: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” It would be fitting to paraphrase this inscription to “Abandon all hope, ye who DCF has brought here” as the ultimate personal nightmare experience with this organization. Indeed, many are brought here but few gain their freedom with their name exonerated. As you try to search your way out of the “Black Hole of Hell,” be cautious when your legal experts offer you little chance of reversing DCF’s guilty sentence for a lifetime. For the moment, the only thing you may have is your faith, knowledge of your innocence and of the truth; however, this is not enough unless you find the right attorney. After engaging a multitude of “purported legal experts to assist me in this crisis, I was very fortunate to find the right captain, Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver and crew, to navigate my case before DCF and ultimately clear my name successfully. I don’t have to tell you what heavy emotional, psychological and financial toll this storm has extracted before I found the right team of people to help me and arrive at a safe harbor. In retrospect, I cannot tell you the difficulty or complexity of my case versus other cases he has dealt with. However, I can tell you than Attorney Seaver is an incredible human being, consummate legal professional whose knowledge of the laws, experience in dealing with DCF, profound insight and expertise, and above all else, consistent delivery of winning client outcomes elevates his services to the “platinum standard of excellence.

However, you arrived at this website; consider yourself very fortunate that you have found a true beacon of light from which to chart the battle of your life. Attorney Seaver has already invested in your education by providing crucial background information in a single source. Study and understand it. Secondly, while useful, it’s not enough. A consultation with Attorney Seaver is a must for a preliminary assessment of your case and how he would handle it. Now you have a potential roadmap. Lastly, it’s decision time as to whom you bring on your team. This is only the first and most profound step on your personal journey to freedom. Good luck. As a grateful client, it’s a rare privilege to have met and worked with an attorney whose drive, determination, commitment and passion to represent my case is only exceeded by his successful results. Indeed, I am very fortunate.

When neglect charges were supported on me over an unforeseeable accident, I was completely devastated. I remember reading the letter in disbelief. I understood the initial questioning but know I was a good mother and felt confident that anyone could see that. I felt that the investigation process was used to catch those people you read about in the papers…the horror stories. I went completely numb, I felt terribly saddened and ashamed, but then I got angry. This was my life on the line…career opportunities could be jeopardized, my reputation, and my self-esteem. I found Kevin online but was reluctant to use him as I knew nothing about him. Then my sister mentioned my story to a friend who used Kevin and had nothing but good things to say. I decided to go with him and am happy I did. The supported charges against me were overturned. Throughout the process, Kevin was reassuring and helpful in any way. Kevin return phone calls faster than anyone I know, and Donna is just a nice person who makes you feel welcome and safe. My experience was overall positive, and I got the results I was looking for. I have no doubt in Kevin’s ability to achieve justice.

I’ve been searching for the most powerful, accurate, and simple sentence that describes how much Kevin has helped me, he saved my life. Without his expertise, patience, and support you would not be reading this right now because I would not have a testimonial to write if my case was not reversed. When I was filed on because of the incompetence of the administration of the school I worked for, I had absolutely no prior experience with legal issues and had no one to refer me to a lawyer or to help me. I did my own research and met with a few lawyers and decided to go with Kevin because he is a guru in handling these types of cases. I knew this because I read extensively on the DCF system and when I met him, he was more than familiar with all the jargon, acronyms, and above all the system itself. When I first spoke to Kevin on the phone he said to me, “Get a bathing suit, a towel, and a beach chair and enjoy your summer, do not worry about this. I will take care of it.” Kevin is true to his word and I had a fabulous summer!

I am writing this letter for the excellence and commitment that Kevin Patrick Seaver has provided me though an extremely difficult time in my life. He has provided me with uncontested professional legal counsel, which in return gave me a great sense of security, direction, and hope. I was faced with a situation that seemed at the time, was going to destroy my life. I knew I had to get legal help. I searched the greater Boston area extensively. When I met Kevin, I knew I had found the right firm. I went to Kevin Patrick Seaver’s office, I explained my situation. He explained to me that we need to act. As for my case, that was the case. We needed to take action. We made a plan and went with it. He explained to me in great detail what needs to take place. He told me there is a long road ahead of us, but we can do it. He also explained that if he thought he couldn’t do it he wouldn’t. This to me is great honesty. As far as knowing all the right people for his line of work, he does. He has a team of professionals he works with. I met with them all and they were exceptional. The whole thing came together nicely. He has got DCF out of my life, which to me seemed impossible. There was so much that went into this case, and so much detail. Without someone who knows the system as good as these guys, I honestly think the outcome would have been dramatically different. I recommend Kevin Patrick Seaver for legal counsel. He provides great detailed service, is dedicated to his clients, takes great pride in what he does, and has made a great name for himself. Because of these good habits he has inherited, he has blessed me with a second chance at the number one thing in my life, my daughter. I cannot stress it enough how greatly I appreciated finding him. Nothing but the best. The A team.

Kevin Seaver is by far the best Attorney to represent you & your children – he is very well-respected by DCF – DCF takes notice when Attorney Seaver is your Representation – they are very respectful and careful as they know Kevin knows law inside & out and will not hesitate to catch and use against them any missteps made

Should you have misfortune of crossing paths with DCF, call Kevin – he’s your best hope for surviving with your family intact

Should you be misfortune enough to hire Representation that fails you, cut ties immediately & call Kevin Seaver – he’s your best hope for undoing any damage done

Kevin Seaver is worth every last penny – he gives so much more support and protection than his fee could even begin to cover – don’t doubt for a second that you will get your $$$ worth – you will & then some

Thanks Kevin for all you have done for our family – you fought for our family as if we were your own – words could never come close to expressing the depth of our gratitude – your clients are truly blessed to have such a fiercely compassionate Attorney at their side

by Joanne

Children being taken from their parents, parents being denied access to, and precious time with, their children is horrific. This is second only to acts and behaviors that are abusive to vulnerable and defenseless kids. Unfortunately, the system set up to prevent both is broken, bent, and twisted beyond recognition of it’s ultimate goal. The line between these two unfortunate states is blurred terribly. When it comes to children and families, Laws, societies shields meant to protect, have become, instead, swords with which to harm. It is important to understand clearly, against all sense and emotion, that one’s fight in this trying time is FOR children rather than AGAINST and enemy or oppressor, real or imagined. The best hope is a navigator who understands your present course and can see clearly the path to your success. The Law offices of Kevin Patrick Seaver will truly go to bat for you and yours. Attorney Seaver has the vision to see your struggle to the end. He will fairly and effectively stear a steady course through the troubles and pitfalls of “the system”. He has been in the trenches as is not afraid to push the envelope or stick his neck out in order to find justice. His experience and perseverance have given him the know how to help you and your family claim victory. If your children have been removed or if there is a threat thereof Attorney Seaver and his associates are the winning team you need. He will help you fight for your children and see you through to a successful reunification.
– Lori O’Connell – Google

Kevin was compassionate and extremely supportive, he provided an impartial 3rd person perspective on not only my case with DCF, but with regards to my spouse who was conspiring for divorce using the State in an attempt to support her narrative. He helped me see who the real caregiver was (me). He worked tirelessly past the terms of his contract tilley case was closed (4 months!), was never rushed during our meetings for he stayed well beyond what is expected or required just to talk (and I wasnt paying hourly, last few visits pro bono as well). He has become more then just a mentor, but a friend that is always their when advise or support is needed.

Only a few lawyers would ever give their personal cell phone # ‘s so you can contact them anytime, and Kevin is one of those when the situation is warranted.

He really cares and his services go well beyond the scope of what you pay for, easily the best value from any lawyer when it’s all said and done.
– Stephen – AVVO

Kevin Seaver is the absolute best in the business! Any questions concerns he’s the man to have in your corner against DCF!!! He helped with every step of the process!
– Jenn Rubins – Google

First of all DO NOT EVER allow DCF into your home without first consulting Atty. Seaver! From my first contact with him, I hired him immediately. DCF tried to destroy my character, invade my household for months, amongst other anguish. Atty. Seaver was right by my side, exceptional advice at all costs. Not only did he get my case CLOSED within 4mnths but he still reaches out to my children and I to this day. He is very knowledgeable and really cares about his clients, I highly recommend his services
– anonymous – Avvo






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