Be Aware of DCF when you are Pregnant and Smoking Marijuana

Be Aware of DCF when you are Pregnant and Smoking Marijuana

Hello, thanks for joining me today. My name is Kevin Seaver and I am an experienced trusted lawyer since 1991, successfully fighting and winning against the Department of Children and Families well commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire state of Massachusetts turning negatives into positives whether you are in court or out of court.

Today, I want to talk about marijuana. I recently had a client who called me because she was involved with the Department of Children and Families(DCF) during a (15) fifteen day non emergency investigation.

She had given birth to a child who had marijuana in her system as well as the child’s system, when the child was born. The hospital called DCF, she met with DCF but prior to that we prepared her with all the documentations and all the information we needed and presented to DCF. DCF unsupported the case much to their credit because they realized that the mother had a marijuana card and the mother had been upfront told all the doctors about her use of marijuana for pain and it was ok, it was approved.

We successfully had the case overturned because she had the full complete permission from everybody to be able to smoke marijuana.

Now, that is not going to be the case for most people, so if you’re pregnant think, think, think again. If you have any type of illicit drug and if it is not approved by medical professionals, you’re going to be in trouble. DCF may pull your child right from the Hospital and prevent you from taking child home from the hospital. That’s not what you want. If you’re involved with DCF a family member, friend or neighbor, call me, call Kevin Seaver at (617) 263-2633, we can help. Thank you.

Kevin Seaver is an experienced, trusted lawyer who successfully represents clients against DCF from Boston, Massachusetts. Call Kevin at (617) 263-2633 or request a Free Consultation online!

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