How to handle your DCF Social Worker

How to handle your DCF Social Worker

Thanks for joining me here today. My name is Kevin Seaver and I’m a trusted lawyer since 1991 recognized expert, successfully specialized in fighting the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire state of Massachusetts. I turn negatives into positives for my clients

Today I want to talk about why you do not remove, what you proceed to be the jerk social worker, from your case. Recently, I had a client by the name of Sue who came into my office and was complaining about her DCF social worker.

But in reality, when we sat down, and she started telling me what was keeping her up late at night, what her concerns were, why she was anxious with DCF, it came down to the task on her action plan. It really wasn’t the social worker, at all. It was my client’s perception that because of these tasks that she felt were kind of arduous and difficult to do that the social worker did not like her, which was not the case at all.

So my client perception was off. Now in another case, we’ll call her Barbara comes into my office and starts telling me stories about her social workers and I was appalled. I don’t blame her for wanting to get rid of the social worker. I went and meet with the social worker and the social worker wasn’t very nice to me either. Now courtesy is what DCF is supposed to extend to clients. It’s in their rules and regulations under 110 C.M.R. However, some people are just jerks and that includes social workers as well as lawyers, let’s be clear, it’s a two way street. and Sometimes the client isn’t very nice to the social workers and that’s why the social worker may be nasty back to the client. But for whatever reason there may be when you have a nasty DCF social worker who’s a complete jerk, do not ask for them to be removed from the case. Why is that? Simply put, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

I had a case recently where the client, absolutely, positively hated the social worker, made a lot of noise and got the social worker removed from the case. So, what happened? DCF put another social worker on the case, but again the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know, the second social worker was a thousand times worse than the original social worker and DCF knows that if you’re ever having a problem with a social worker, believe it or not they may retaliate it against you by putting a worse social worker on your case.

So, stick with your current social worker, do everything that you can, to work out what you need to work out make it happen and turn that DCF negative into a positive. When you got a DCF case and you’re involved with DCF and your family, call me, Call Kevin Seaver, call me now 617-263-2633. And Again, call me, call Kevin call me now 617-263-2633. We will help you. Thank you for watching.

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4 thoughts on “How to handle your DCF Social Worker

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    Brigid Godin says:

    How do foster parents fight back we have been fostering for 25 years and new management came in and is saying they wont be relicensing us because they don’t like my mouth / presentation it seems to me this is personal. I don’t care if I foster for them but don’t want to be blacklisted and my reputation ruined because of this. Is there anything I can do

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    therese fotiou says:

    Ms. Godin, Respectfully, if they have treated you this way, what do you think has happened to the families whose children (rightly or WRONGLY) have been removed from their homes and placed in the care of Foster Parents? How do you think the Birth Parents were judged, by what ‘standards’ was ‘CPS’ claiming abuse or neglect. How many parents lost their children, from ‘CPS’ intimidation tactics—wanting to make a ‘show of strength’ against a parent(s), bc. ‘CPS’ DIDN’t LIKE their (parents’) mouths? I realize you may always have been trying to do your best by the children you fostered. And i am often tempted to say people should REFUSE to be Foster Parents, as ‘Enablers” of this system. But if some did not fill that role, there likely would be plenty of others who would, and as happens frequently become ‘abusers’ of ‘Fostered Children’ [many of them,NOT abused or neglected at home w/ their BIrth Parents; later abused by the ‘system’]. How many stories are there of innocent parents, or sometimes who have made mistakes and done everything they can to overcome them, incl. whatever required by courts. After that, losing permanent custody, bc. Foster Parent(s) grew ‘attached’ to children and wanted them for themselves; and ‘CPS’ prefered the ‘Fosters’? You should never ‘put up’ w/ being wrongly ‘labeled’ by ‘those people (‘CPS, etc.); allowing them to ‘smear’ your name, of course!

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    therese fotiou says:

    Ms.Godin My computer ‘froze’ for some reason, and i could not continue w/ my comment. But I’m sure you get the ‘gist’ of what I’m saying. So, I will only say that what is BADLY needed is for those ‘in the system’, “Foster parents, or not, to ‘take a stand’. To at least speak out to others, and publicly, when ‘CPS’, or courts, ‘GAL’, etc. perpetrate these abuses; either against the REAL PARENTS, or ‘Foster Parents’, or children. Hopefully to ‘stand’ in solidarity w/ parents who are misused by the system, to help them get their children returned. Lastly, though ‘Foster parents may, or may not receive as large of sums of $$ as is sometimes reported, but it is exponentially better than most ‘natural parents’ have available to them to raise their children. And economics/poverty is the real reason for most child removals fr. their homes, not abuse or neglect. PLEASE DO fight back if they are smearing your reputation. It is a serious risk to yourself, your children, maybe even your grandchildren to be ‘mislabeled’ by these ‘bottom feeders’. Then could you, possibly, and other ‘Foster parents’, possibly reach out to ‘natural parents’ and help spread the word of the harm that the MANY misuses of this system cause parents, children foster parents, and who knows, who else Thx Pray for justice for you.

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    Brian says:

    Everybody Tip toes around these pieces of trash…News Flash….They set employees of ours..We don’t work for them…total opposite….so not liking my mouth TOUGH DODO

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