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Visiting the Office - Free DCF Consultation with Attorney Kevin Seaver

Free DCF Consultation with Attorney Kevin Seaver

Thank you for joining me. My name is Kevin Patrick Seaver. I am a Massachusetts defense attorney representing clients throughout the entire state of Massachusetts involved with The Department and Children and Families, or commonly referred to as DCF.

I am often asked three questions:

What do I cost for consultation? What do I wear when I come to that consultation? What do I bring?

  1. The cost of your first initial consultation is free. No cost involved to you at all.
  2. The second question what do you wear? It is really important for me to get information from you. I’m not here to judge you; I’m here to advocate aggressively for you. I want you to give me information so I have knowledge and power to seek a successful result for you. Therefore, I want you to be in whatever dress you feel most comfortable in that will allow you to exchange all ideas, your issues, your problems, so I can seek a successful result for you.
  3. The third question I’m often asked is what do I bring for documents? You bring whatever documents you have that you think I should see to help you resolve your issue or problem. These documents I want you to bring, must be copies; originals are only for the court. I only want copies. If you don’t have any documents, don’t worry about it, still come and see me. We will make up a list and we will seek the documents you have that are out of your possession and we will reach out and get those documents for you.

Please call me for your free DCF consultation. I am Attorney Kevin Patrick Seaver. Thank you.

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