How To Successfully Fight A False Sexual Abuse DCF Allegation

How To Successfully Fight A False Sexual Abuse DCF Allegation

False Sexual Abuse DCF Allegation

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My name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families, more commonly known as DCF, turning DCF negatives into positives throughout the entire state of Massachusetts.

John was a client that came into my office and started crying immediately. I couldn’t understand him at first because he was so full of tears. This large man told me how he had been alleged to have sexually abused his five-year-old son. He was devastated because he wasn’t able to see his son, which was his whole world. Then he profusely stated, “I didn’t do it,” with the greatest of honesty and integrity. And I believed him. And we sent for all of his documentation as well as a fair hearing.

And I read through all of the documents and there was one thing that really bothered me. It talked about a “comfy chair.” John later told me that was a WGBH program that he watched all the time with his son that was educational in nature. And that was what was alleged to have been the place and the location that the sexual abuse took place. It was a TV show. Then I dug even deeper and found out it was his ex that was behind all these false allegations because she had made many previously screened out by DCF, much to the credit of DCF. And these allegations just didn’t stop.

Finally, DCF had to screen the sexual abuse because of the serious nature of what was being alleged. But mother, you see, had a substance abuse problem. She wanted to get back together with John, and admitted to that, and she had a criminal record, which John didn’t have any of those. He was a hard-working, young person, who worked stocking shelves at a department store overnight and worked a second job and also was going to school.  He had very little time to do anything but see his son, which he admitted was his entire life that had come crashing down.

It was during this period of time that this allegation of sexual abuse and neglect he did not get to see his son. To be competent, you must be a witness who can observe an event, remember that event, and then in remembering that event must know the difference between a truth and a falsehood.  In this case, this five-year-old child was unable to do that. He just was too young. And the mother, the ex, utilized the son as a sword rather than a shield. Rather than protecting her son, she put him in harms way with the sexual abuse allegation that was false.

And the Department of Children and Families, much to their credit, saw through this allegation. After the Fair Hearing, DCF reversed their decision against John when John took that information and turned that DCF negative into a positive by going into probate court and getting the judges to order him to have full legal and frugal custody of his son. He turned that DCF negative into a positive.

Call me. Call Attorney Kevin Seaver at 617-263-2633 when you’re looking to turn your DCF negative into a positive. Again, call me, Kevin Seaver. Call me now at 617-263-2633. Thank you for watching. I wish you good day, and I wish you goodbye until next time.

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