How Will a Top DCF Lawyer Make DCF in Massachusetts Disappear Quickly?

How Will a Top DCF Lawyer Make DCF in Massachusetts Disappear Quickly?

How Will a Top DCF Lawyer Make DCF in Massachusetts Disappear Quickly?

A top Massachusetts DCF lawyer can defend you and your family against the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (MA DCF) investigation, assessment, fair hearing or grievance process.

What is the Role of a DCF Lawyer?

The role of a DCF lawyer is to help parents and caretakers take care of all the issues they have with DCF. A DCF lawyer can stop DCF from violating your and your child’s constitutional rights. The best DCF lawyer will be there during every interview, home visit, and contact you have with DCF. Your DCF attorney should step in when your DCF social worker asks you or your children invasive and sensitive questions.

Your lawyer should help you get the false allegations of child abuse or neglect against you reversed. When you want to challenge a DCF decision to support the allegations against you, your DCF lawyer can help you fight those allegations at a DCF fair hearing.

What Should You do When DCF Shows Up to Your House?

When a DCF social worker shows up at your door, you probably do not know what to do. You probably have no idea that DCF started investigating you for child abuse or neglect allegations.

Many parents are unsure if they should let DCF enter their home, or if they should even speak to DCF when they show up. Parents and caretakers have the right to to refuse DCF from entering their home. Parents and caretakers also do not have to speak to DCF. But when parents or caretakers refuse to work with DCF, it can seriously hurt them. DCF can take their refusal to cooperate as a sign that they are guilty of the child abuse or neglect allegations. Then, DCF can remove the child from the home, or get the alleged perpetrator to lose their job.

How Will a Top DCF Lawyer Make DCF in Massachusetts Disappear Quickly?

When DCF comes to your home, you should not sign any documents DCF asks you to without speaking to a top DCF attorney first. An experienced lawyer will tell you whether or not signing these documents can hurt your case. For example, when DCF asks you to sign a safety plan, you may be required to do things you can’t. Maybe a recommended service provider is too far from your home or a recommended program is scheduled when you have to work. In any case, a lawyer will help clear up all the information you need to know before signing the plan.

What is the difference between an Emergency vs. Non-Emergency DCF Investigation?

MA DCF considers emergency investigations to be more serious than non-emergency investigations. The Department will do an emergency investigation when the child is at immediate risk of danger to their health, safety, or well being. DCF will try to see the reported child within 2 hours when DCF decides to do an emergency investigation.

DCF will do a non-emergency investigation when a child is not at immediate risk of danger. For a non-emergency investigation, DCF will try to see the reported child within 3 days.

Parents and caretakers must take both types of investigations seriously. MA DCF will investigate all reports by a mandated or non-mandated reporter regarding the possible abuse or neglect of a minor. The report does not have to be true. DCF will investigate no matter what when the report involves a parent or caregiver abusing or neglecting a child.

How Can Caretakers Effectively Handle DCF?

A DCF investigation is a great threat to any family. Parents and caretakers should find a DCF lawyer as soon as they get involved with DCF. Unfortunately, some families cannot find one in time. Parents can still hire a lawyer after the DCF investigation is over to get a supported allegation reversed.

Your DCF investigator will want to do one-on-one interviews with all the children and adults involved in the case. They do this so that parents do not influence a child’s story. Parents should remain calm and be polite even when they become frustrated with DCF. If a social worker feels like a parent is being aggressive or hostile, they may be less understanding of the parent’s situation.

A top MA DCF lawyer is the best source of advice on how to best handle a DCF investigation in Massachusetts.

Why Should You Hire a DCF Lawyer for Your DCF Case in Massachusetts?

Hiring a DCF lawyer who is familiar with DCF’s procedures and processes, can help keep your family safe. The best DCF lawyer can close your case quickly without DCF placing your child in foster care. 

When DCF becomes involved, parents feel like they lost control over their lives, but more importantly, their children’s lives. Hiring a DCF attorney can help you take back the control and help you move on with your life.


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  1. Tina says:

    hi i am a parent of two. whose children have been taken from my home almost three years ago by dcf. thru lies manipulation. without no court papers for them to take them. I have been seeking all the help I can get. I have called, I have asked around, i have left messages but no one is responding back to me. I am being forced to divorce my husband without reason. i have been lied that i was going to get my kids back of January 2022 . Dcf lied that they didn’t say that. right now i am asking for you to please help me and my family, i can continue on with this but would like for me and my husband to speak with you face to face. i would like to set up an appointment with you ASAP. TO FURTHER with our case. all that has been going on has left my family and I with restless nights, tears of pain . DCF is trying. to make us lose our jobs. my children want to come home. please please please help my family. thank you . I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON

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