DCF Is Not Your Friend – Prepare For Your Child Abuse Investigation

DCF Is Not Your Friend - Prepare For Your Child Abuse Investigation

Hello my name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert successfully specializing in fighting The Department of Children and Families in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or what is more commonly referred to as DCF.

DCF is not your friend. They are not coming to your home to enjoy you, but rather to get serious information about a very serious allegation of child abuse and or neglect. If you are not prepared, you will not do well. I will prepare you! You will be ready! You will not bumble mumble and stumble to DCF.

That also includes representing your children zealously, because children have constitutional rights. You should never speak to DCF alone, nor ever allow your children to be interviewed alone. This is one of the major mistakes I see parents and caretakers make all the time: “I got nothing to hide. Bring DCF in the house, they will take a look at my home they will look at how I live, and they will determine that there is not an issue here, there is not a problem. I do not need counsel”. Then later they get back the report and they will say: “I never said that” or “that is not what i meant” or ” I said something different”.

Our goal is to get the truth out, to tell DCF what is transpired. Our goal is to get DCF successfully in your life, and our of your life as quickly and as fast as possible with an allegation that is unsupported at the conclusion of the investigation. The only way to do that is to make sure we are prepared. Again, I will prepare you before DCF comes out for the interview, as well as your children, and I will be present when DCF interviews you, as well as when DCF interviews your children. An allegation of child abuse and neglect is a very serious thing, take it seriously.

Call attorney Seaver to represent you and your children! You need to protect your legal rights. If you do not know what your legal rights are, you have no legal rights! Please call attorney Kevin Seaver (617) 263-3633. I thank you.

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