Fighting DCF False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Fighting DCF False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Hello and thank you for joining me! My name is Kevin Seaver and I am a trusted lawyer since 1991. A recognized expert, successfully fighting the Department of Children and Families, or commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Today I wanna talk about a very serious subject, false allegations of sexual abuse by DCF. I had a father come into my office and sit across from me and tell me a story that you just can’t make up. His ex-wife had claimed he had sexually abused his daughter. He was just completely overwhelmed. Mother had gone to the doctor’s office and claimed that the father had sexually abuse the daughter. The daughter spoke to the doctor, and in the medical records it stated that this had only happened once. As the story progressed, the daughter had told various other individuals that it had happened more than once. Then the last person she interviewed with, she stated that it had happened almost every time she was with her father.

But the real important critical factor that helped make this allegation false, was when mother went to the police station with a plastic bag, inside of it a pair of allegedly the daughter’s underwear. On the underwear were various stains of semen. The police sent it to the District attorneys office for criminal charges ensued, the underwear then went to the state crime lab where it was determined that there was not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different specimens of sperm on the underwear crotch area.

My client profusely proclaimed his innocence, went down and did a DNA sample, which came back and showed that his DNA was not on the daughter’s underwear. Needless to say, the criminal case went south and so did the DCF case right behind it.

When you’re involved with the department of children and families or a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or anyone you know who’s involved with DCF call me. Call Attorney Seaver now at area code (617) 263-2633. Once again, Attorney Kevin Seaver, call me now at area code (617) 263-2633. We can help you successfully fight DCF. Thank you.

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