What to do when DCF says they’re going to close your case but they don’t close your case

What to do when DCF says they're going to close your case but they don't close your case

Hello thank you for joining me here today.

My name is Kevin Seaver and I’m a trusted lawyer since 1991 recognized expert, successfully specialized in fighting the Department of Children and Families more commonly referred to as DCF throughout the entire commonwealth of Massachusetts in and out of court turning negatives into positive outcomes for my clients.

Today I want to talk about assessments and how many families are involved with the DCF during the assessment period which is only supposed to last a certain period of time. And DCF at the end of the assessment period continues to come out.

In one case I had a client tell me how told me how DCF was going to close their case, every month for close to a year and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And I asked the client, why did you wait to call me. And then at the end of the year, as they are coming out through the home, seeing the children and the families, they filed the care and protection to remove the kids from their home. And Parents came in the mom, and dad with tears in their eyes, they were so sad. They said Kevin, we wished we hired you when we first called you close to a year ago. I said why didn’t you, and they said they thought we could do it ourselves, the old adage is any client who represents themselves has a fool for a client, I didn’t need tell them that, they knew. I needed to lessen their burden and not add to it. DCF had already given them one heck of a burden when they took their kids out of their home.

But what had happened was that DCF came month after month and told them that they were going to close the case and they never did. So we wrote to DCF on behalf of my client and revoke all the releases which were signed when I was not her attorney and asked DCF to close the case as there were no seriousness necessary as there were no protected concerns by the pediatrician in school or anyone else. But the problem with DCF is that you got to get them to put it in writing. DCF oral promises aren’t to worth the paper they’re printed on.

DCF says that they are going to close the case, don’t bet on that. Don’t wait for them to close the case as this client did. She waited well over a year, that should tell you that they are not telling you the truth and you better get yourself Attorney Seaver. When that happens to you call me, call Kevin Seaver at 617-263-2633. Again, call me call Kevin Seaver, Call me now at 617-263-2633. We will fight for you to get DCF out of your life.

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