DCF Family Assessment

DCF Family Assessment Overview

If you have allegations of child abuse and or neglect supported by The Department of Children and Families (DCF) your family may be subjected to a DCF Family Assessment. DCF has 60 working days (three months) to perform one on your family. This does not include weekends or holidays

DCF will come to your home a minimum of three times to speak to you and your children.

When a DCF assessment is being completed and the family refuses to cooperate, the worker may talk with his/her supervisor and the Area Director to determine if the children are at risk and if any legal action needs to be taken.

DCF Assessment
DCF Assessment

At the end of the 60-working day (three month) DCF assessment, the social worker and supervisor will determine whether the case will remain open or closed. When DCF determines that the case is staying open, DCF will decide what services are necessary. This will be outlined in an action plan. This action plan will vary from family to family. plan which may vary person to person.

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Frequently Ask DCF Family Assessments Questions

1.) What is a DCF family assessment?

A DCF Family Assessment is the process in which the Department gathers information by speaking to you and your children and other collaterals.

2.) How long does the DCF family Assessment last?

The DCF family assessment lasts 60 working days (three months). This does not include weekends or holidays.

3.) What happens during a DCF family assessment?

During the Assessment, a Social Worker visits your home a minimum of three times.

4.) What result from a DCF Family Assessment?

At the end of the DCF Family Assessment, the social worker writes their report. The worker will either keep your case open and continue visiting your house or they will close your case.

5.) Do I need a DCF lawyer during a DCF family Assessment?

Yes! You want to get DCF out of your life as soon as possible. The best way to do so is to hire Attorney Kevin Seaver. Heed DCF’s advice and excise your right to counsel.


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