DCF Child Neglect due to Malnutrition

DCF Child Neglect due to Malnutrition

There have been cases of children being removed from their homes by DCF due to malnutrition. This has been caused by constant and chronic neglect from parents and other caretakers who have failed to feed their children properly. Children should never have to worry about their next meal in America but some still do.

Children should never ever have to go through traumatic experiences associated with malnutrition.

A recent DCF case of severe malnutrition involved an autistic teenager in Connecticut. This child died from malnutrition at the age of 17. The child lived with his mother and sister. The mother had multiple DCF cases open against her. The son’s death occurred just one month after a DCF social worker requested to close the case.

The mother failed to cooperate with the Department. The mother failed to show up to multiple court dates as well. She further refused to answer the door when DCF social workers arrived for a home visit and thereby allowed DCF to see her children.

There was an investigation done after the 17 year old child died. This investigation led to the discovery of series of text messages between the mother and the mother’s sister. These text messages highlighted the true facts of the case. Mother had restricted the child’s food intake and kept the cabinets and the fridge bolted shut.

The Chief State Medical Examiner reported that the child showed signs of significant physical abuse. This included broken ribs. It included a laceration to his head, several contusions and bed sore injuries to his buttocks…” (NBCConnecticut).

This case had gross neglect by the Mother. Major mistakes were made. When mother was unwilling to comply, DCF should have taken stronger actions. It is however, always easy to have 20/20 vision after the incident !

The child’s condition raises numerous issues. Why did no one report this neglect or abuse? Why did the Mother’s sister, who knew of the ongoing neglect and abuse fail to report it? Some questions are left unresolved. The answers may never be known fully. What is known is that malnutrition is serious condition.

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