How to Successfully Fight A Wrongful Child Requiring Assistance “CRA” Truancy

How to Successfully Fight A Wrongful Child Requiring Assistance "CRA" Truancy

Child Requiring Assistance

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My name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991. Recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families. More commonly referred to as DCF, throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Turning DCF negatives into positives. Whether that is in or out of court.

Recently a Massachusetts Public school filed a “CRA” Child Requiring Assistance. Because the child intentionally failed to go to school more than 8 days in a semester. Evidence was presented to the Juvenile Court Judge in which the child was found to have had bladder problems, emotional issues including anxiety and depression. The Judge ruled that the school was right and that the child intentionally had missed more than 8 days in the semester.

The case was brought up on appeal. The highest court in Massachusetts, the Supreme Judicial Court, called the SJC. The Supreme Judicial Court found that the reason the child had missed school which was in the evidence presented to the Juvenile Court was because the child had bladder problems and that the child had emotional problems. These included anxiety and depression. The SJC ruled against the Juvenile Court Judge and stated that the bladder issues were not within the control of the child and therefore not intentional for the child to miss school.

Therefore not truant. If you have got a Juvenile case in Juvenile court or if DCF is involved in your life call me. Call Kevin Seaver at 617-263 -2633. Again, call me. Call Kevin Seaver, now at area code 617 -263 -2633.

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