What You, A Boston Red Sox World Series Champion, and DCF False Child Abuse Allegations have in Common

Boston Red Sox World Series Champion and DCF False Child Abuse Allegations

DCF False Child Abuse Allegations

Hello, Thanks for joining me. My name is Kevin Seaver. I am a trusted lawyer since 1991 . Recognized expert, successfully specializing in fighting the Department of Children and Families. More commonly referred to as DCF, throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I turn DCF negatives, their involvement, into positives. Whether it is in or out of court.

As you can tell by my hat , I love baseball. Especially the home team of Boston.

I was recently at the ballpark. A young boy came up to bat. You could hear his Dad in the bleachers yelling “ C’mon Johnny you struck out last time. You gotta get a hit this time and make up for the last time you were up at bat “. You knew exactly what was going to happen. Strike one. Strike two. Strike three. Kid went back to the bench with his head down and his tail between his legs.

With his father still berating him from the stands. Wrong approach Dad! The following week I went down to the same field and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the field. It was hilarious. It looked like a pinball machine. Every kid got up and drew a walk or got a hit. They were going around the bases like a race car.

Finally I asked one of the young boys that I knew on the bench. I said “Tom what’s the score of this game”. And he turned around with a big smile on his face and said “ We’re losing 11 to nothing”.

I said “Gee Tom you seem awful happy”. He looked right at me and said “we haven’t gotten up yet”.

You can’t make that up. You just can’t make it up!

Years ago a young boy was playing little league. He got injured when he dived for the ball. He was taken to the local hospital. He was examined by Doctors and Nurses and had X-Rays taken. Then he was questioned by the DCF social worker about child abuse and neglect in his own family by his parents on him. That allegation turned out to be false. This young child later went on to become the American League Rookie of the Year in 2007 for the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. This young boy grew up to be also the Most Valuable Player in the American League for the Boston Red Sox in 2008. This young man wrote a book called “Born to Play” where he talked about the incident in the hospital with the DCF social worker. For him to write that it obviously had a large impact on him and his family. This individual is now the longest tenured Red Sox player . The heart and soul of the Boston Red Sox. His name is Dustin Pedroia.

Dustin has many lessons for us to learn, but three I want to bring out.

  1. The first is that Dustin Pedroia never ever let his size determine his fate but rather kept battling everyone and everything. You need to do the same when you have a DCF case.
  2. The second thing is that Dustin Pedroia never listened to anyone tell him about this and tell him about that. You are too big or too small. You’re too quick you’re too slow. You’re too this , you’re too that. He never listened. He never listened to the naysayers. He kept going forward towards his goal. You need to do the same with your DCF case. You need to keep going towards your goal no matter what anyone says. Stay the course.
  3. The third thing was that if this false allegation can happen to Dustin Pedroia. The American League Rookie of the Year. The most Valuable Player in the American League. World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox. It can happen to anyone.

When that happens with false allegations in your family call me. Call Attorney Kevin Seaver at 617 263 2633. Again, call me. Call Kevin Seaver 617 263 2633. Let’s go Red Sox! Let’s play ball! Thank you

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