What Is The biggest Mistake You Can Make With DCF?

What Is The biggest Mistake You Can Make With DCF?

Hello my name is Kevin Seaver, trusted lawyer since 1991, recognized expert.

Today I want to talk about why you need a lawyer when DCF comes out to your home for a DCF investigation, or at anytime. The reason for that is very simply put, do not take my word on it. Look at the parents pamphlet which DCF has or will give you when they come out to your home. Inside that parents pamphlet it states that you can have counsel at any time! If DCF is telling you, you should have a lawyer at your side when they come out to see you, please, take warning! One of the biggest mistakes I see most parent make is they meet with DCF by themselves and they allow their children to meet with DCF by themselves. Both you and your children should be represented at all times. DCF is telling you “exercise your constitutional right to have a lawyer present”, they are telling you! If you do not know what your legal rights are, you have no legal rights!

The most important thing in that parents pamphlet the following: “speak to an attorney at any time”. That is not my words, that is The Department of Children and Families (DCF) own parents pamphlet. Hear their warnings and advice. When DCF comes to your home or contacts you they are not your friend.

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